19 Best Mattress & Sleep Deals for Prime Day (2022)

Few of us they sleep enough these days. There are many reasons for this, but if you’re in need of a new bed or a relaxing sleeping environment, these Amazon Prime Day deals on mattresses, comfy comforters, and high-tech sleep gadgets can help.

The WIRED Gear team tests products throughout the year. We manually sorted through hundreds of thousands of offers to make these picks. Crossed out products are out of stock or no longer discounted. Our Amazon Prime Day coverage page has the latest stories, and our Prime Day Shopping Tips will help you avoid bad deals. You can also get a 1-year subscription to WIRED for $5 here.

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Updated July 12, 2022: We’ve crossed out the Avocado Green Organic Mattress and added the Casper Element Mattress, Homelabs Sunrise Alarm, Casper Glow Light, and Philips White & Color Hue Smart Bulb Kit.

Mattress deals

We tested a lot mattress. See more of our favorites at Best Mattresses and Favorite Organic Mattresses. And if your household includes youngsters, get them ready for a good night’s sleep with our guide to the best high-tech cribs.

Nod by Tuft & Needle

Photo: Amazon

Nod is an Amazon exclusive sub-brand of Tuft & Needle. We haven’t tested this model, although our reviewers are fans of Tuft & Needle. This hybrid has 2 inches of soft foam on top, with an inch of firmer foam to reduce bounce, a 6 inch layer of pocket coils, a layer of spring coils, and an inch of base foam. Hybrids like this tend to be our favorite type of mattress, as they offer the benefits of both foam and traditional innersprings.

While we haven’t tested the Element, we have tested Casper mattresses and are mostly fans of the brand. Our favorite mattresses are usually coil spring hybrids and foam, but this foam model consists of three layers of foam for comfort and support.

You need to put that mattress on something. Frame springs support the mattress and raise it to a more typical height, although you’ll still need a frame to lift it off the floor. This Casper box spring is wrapped in a dark chambray fabric for an elegant look that will blend in with a wide range of bedroom decor schemes.

Enter the code SLEEP300 at checkout to see the discount. This is another deal that has continued since the 4th of July. WIRED review editor Julian Chokkattu has been sleeping on this mattress for about two months. He says the Tencel cover adds pillowy softness to the very top, but the entire bed is relatively firm. The edge support is quite good and seems to offer good support for stomach, back and side sleepers. These mattresses are handmade to order in the USA.

PetFusion Calming Cuddler Bed

Photo: Amazon

We didn’t ask any cats or dogs if this PetFusion bed eased their worries about the state of the world, but it layers puffy polyester plush over firm memory foam for comfort. Because it is quite small, it is intended for pets that weigh 25 pounds or less. Reviewer Medea Giordano recommended it in our Holiday Stress Relief Gift Guide, saying that PetFusion products hold up well to the wear and tear animals put on them.

Unlike pet beds with a 90-degree wall (like the arm of a sofa), this Furhaven bed tilts slightly at both ends so your little buddy doesn’t have to crane his neck to sleep soundly. In our experience, Furhaven beds are well made, with a solid block of memory foam at their core, not a bunch of cut-up pieces of foam. This one is sized to fit dogs weighing up to 75 pounds.

Enter the code SUMMER at checkout to see the discount. It’s not a Prime Day sale, but avocados are our top pick for organic mattresses and this is a good deal that happens several times a year. The Avocado Latex Mattress is 11 inches thick and is made from organic latex, organic wool and organic cotton. It is also non-toxic. It does not contain polyurethane, fire retardants, memory foam or chemical adhesives, according to the company. It’s on the firmer side, although you can add a pillowcase if you like a softer feel.

Offer of pillows and bed linen

Sometimes all you need is a fresh set of sheets to make your bed feel new again. While you’re at it, check out our guides on the best weighted blankets and the best earplugs.

Leesa hybrid pillow

Photo: Amazon

One of Amazon’s household bedding brands, Pinzon is a brand that punches well above its weight in terms of value for money. We’ve been using them for years. The sheets are crisp, smooth and cool to the touch on those hot summer nights.

Chase your dreams on the traditionally puffed, quilted side of this pillow, or flip it over to rest your head on the firmer side of the cooling gel. The gel insert is removable so you can throw the rest of the pillow in the washing machine, unlike many gel pillows that have to be washed by hand. We’re big fans of Leesa mattresses here on WIRED’s review team, and their pillows are made with a comparable level of quality.

As a side sleeper, I prefer foam pillows because they support my neck so I don’t wake up in the morning with pain. This pillow is made for side, back and stomach sleepers, so feel free to toss and turn throughout the night.

Blankets are not just for winter. Whether you’re compensating for a too-cold air conditioner or just want something soft to cuddle up with during movie night, a Sherpa blanket features high-pile fibers that are softer and more luxurious than a regular blanket. Although we haven’t tested this cover, more than 16,000 reviewers on Amazon have given it an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Amazon Basics Weighted Blanket

Photo: Amazon

Pulled blankets stimulate a calming response that can help you fall asleep. If you’re having a hard time catching the Z’s at night or you’re craving a little extra comfort, a weighted blanket might be just what you need. Several different weights are available, from 12 to 20 pounds. As with the Amazon Basis Sherpa Blanket, we haven’t tested it (yet), but it’s an inexpensive option in a space where the competition often sells for over $100.

If memory foam sleeps too warm for you, check out these soft microfiber-filled polyester pillows. The covers are 100 percent cotton in a percale weave, which has a crisper, cooler feel than typical cotton covers. Our Casper experience is limited to mattresses and sunrise alarms, but in our experience, Casper products are thoughtfully designed and well made.

Sometimes all an older mattress needs is a new topper to bring back that pillowy feeling of when it was new. The gel tends to benefit warm sleepers. While providing back support, the gel construction is cooler than memory foam. We slept on it many nights.

Deals on sleep gadgets

For high-tech sleep, check out our guides to sunrise alarms, the best sleep gadgets and apps, and the best white noise machines.

Photo: Amazon

Measuring the health of your sleep habits is all the rage. Slide this sleep tracking pad under your mattress to record your heart rate, sleep cycles, breathing disorder rate and more to create a sleep log that you can use to diagnose your sleep quality. It works with Amazon Alexa and pairs via the Android or iPhone app so you can see your results as soon as you wake up in the morning. WIRED contributor Simon Hill used this as a baseline to compare with other sleep products he tested.

Homelabs found the top pick in my guide to the best sunrise alarms not because it’s the fanciest or most revolutionary alarm. It was (and remains) my favorite because of its impressive build quality and feature list that matches competitors costing several times the price. It’s just as effective as setting a soothing “sunset” mode before bed as it is to gently wake me up in the morning with “sunrise” mode.

It’s not quite the same as a dedicated sunrise alarm, but a smart bulb kit with some easy-to-set custom settings can be a reliable way to get you into bed at night or out of bed in the morning if you already have lamps that accept a typical-sized bulb. Shade product names can be a bit confusing. “Ambient” means that you can adjust not only the color of the light, but also the “temperature” of the white light. This means that it should be yellow (warmer) or blue (cooler). I include some tips on setting up sunrise and sunset routines with Hue bulbs in my guide to the best sunrise alarms, as well as some of their limitations.

What the Casper Glow Light lacks in features, it makes up for in intuitive design. Simply rotating the glowing light or turning it around controls a basic but reliable set of functions that make this sunrise/sunset alarm a solid performer. More functionality is available in the app.

The complete and oppressive silence can be just as bad as loud neighbors and street noise when you’re trying to drift off. A white noise machine provides a soothing background whoosh to help you sleep. There are two speeds to change the volume and tone of the noise. This is one of our favorite white noise machines, thanks in part to an internal fan that creates authentic wind noise rather than just playing a sound file.

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