23 Contact Lenses Are Removed By a Doctor From a Woman’s Eye.

After extracting 23 contact lenses from a patient’s eye, an eye specialist in California is advising patients to use more caution when wearing contacts.

Ophthalmologist Katerina Kurteeva, MD, can be seen removing contact lenses from a woman’s eye in a video posted on Instagram.

She cautioned, “Don’t sleep with your contact lenses on.”

Kurteeva wrote in the post, “They were basically bonded together after sitting under the eyelid for a month.”

The doctor informed the Los Angeles ABC News affiliate that the patient is doing OK and wants to keep wearing contact lenses. He said that the patient didn’t understand how she could have neglected to take her lenses out.

The CDC estimates that 45 million Americans utilise contact lenses. Use of contact lenses raises the danger of infections like microbial keratitis. Microbial keratitis can, in extreme circumstances, result in blindness or necessitate a corneal transplant.

After years of wearing contact lenses, the cornea becomes desensitised, Kurteeva told the Los Angeles TV station.

“Since wearing contact lenses every day would otherwise be exceedingly bothersome, this is effectively a protective function. Since there is a foreign object in your eye, “She spoke. Therefore, when the cornea loses sensitivity, it requires some getting used to, but at the same time, you don’t notice something is seriously wrong as soon.Kurteeva advised those who utilise contact lenses to adhere to safety precautions such proper handling and storage techniques.

Learn more from the FDA about the security of contact lenses.

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