A free game that helps fight burnout in entrepreneurs

Founder Life is a new game that teaches entrepreneurs how to manage their time, energy, morale and money to ensure they can keep going, even through tough times. The game was released for free as a gift to the community, available on the Steam download service and playable on PC, Mac OS X and Linux.

Founder Life was a labor of love for Nell Watson, a tech entrepreneur and ethicist. β€œIn my initial travels, things seemed very bleak at times. It was hard to keep going, even when so many things didn’t go according to plan. I decided to take meaning from those experiences by somehow making it easier for others who might also be in my position. The development and release of this game is the fulfillment of that promise.”

The game represents the various dilemmas that those in the startup life usually face, as they strive to move from a traditional business to a ‘ramen profitable’ business, and then to the question of whether to invest and from whom.

Unusually, compared to many other business simulation games, the focus of Founder Life is on managing the personal resources of the entrepreneur himself, rather than on the business.

Watson and her team aim to ensure that the game can reach those facing challenges in the startup and freelancing life.

“We hope to find organizations in the mental health and startup support spaces that can help share this resource with the communities that can best use it.”

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Company Name: Nell Watson, Inc
Contact person: Eleanor AdeleWatson
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Country: UK
Web page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1972890/Nell_Watsons_Founder_Life/

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