An entrepreneur thinks outside the box

According to most definitions, an entrepreneur who realizes his business idea and lasts for five years is considered successful. Darryl Taylor took his idea in 2016 and built his business BS City. It is estimated that only about half of small businesses last five years.

Taylor is happy to share his story: “I was a DJ for 20 years. I turned 35 in 2016. So I wanted to get into something else. I had money saved up. I asked my friend Jeremy, ‘Do you want to do something outside the box? Something different?’ I had six grand in my pocket and he had no money except four grand on his credit cards. We moved to a small square. A realtor told me, ‘No one ever gets there.’ Our first year as it was, it was really good. After that year, I bought out my buddy. I was in that North West Street Plaza for about another year. I then moved to Jackson Street near Lime Senior. The first store had 1,200 square meters. Jackson was 5,500 square feet. I was there for a year and a half and then I moved into a 16,000 square foot building that was DeHaven’s.”

Most entrepreneurs are willing to take risks. They are willing to work hard and make constant efforts to turn ideas into reality. They often start small and work their way up the business.

“I’ve always been the go-big-or-go-home kind of guy,” Taylor shared. “I always wanted to be brilliant; I was never satisfied. There is always a risk. This (moving to Northland Plaza) was a big risk. After two years at DeHaven’s I just got tired of the building. I thought, you know what? I have enough stuff here. I have enough work now. I will be a big department store. I want to do something that a lot of little guys haven’t done. I want to be like a big chain, but I’m not a chain; I’m just local, you know, and that’s when we made this move.”

Entrepreneurs take all the risks of their business, which, although rewarding, can also be a great pressure.

“I’m not going to lie. I was nervous. But things just fell into place. Now that I’ve moved here, I’m nervous. I won’t lie to you. Let me take baby steps like I’ve been doing all along. A wise decision for the store? Yes. The way it’s put together, the way it compares to what it’s been for the last five years — this is the best it’s ever been. Customer shopping experience. Excellent. As it is set. Signage. Yes. As for finances and business, I don’t know yet because I’m in a new location. And I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Taylor said.

There are as many different types of entrepreneurs as there are people. One of the great joys of being an entrepreneur is the ability to work outside the box. Company naming can be one example.

“I’ll tell you the concept behind it. I was going to call it Buy Sell City. My mate and I talked and decided to spice it up. People look BS and think one thing, but it’s actually Buy-Sell City. I’m going into this business with some serious thinking about the only BS found here in the name. I’ve stood my ground ever since. Because I’m honest. I don’t separate people. That’s what it means. I don’t cheat people. I am honest. I am fair and firm. I don’t treat anybody differently.”

Darryl Taylor is usually at his BS City business at 100 W. Northern Avenue Lima, Ohio. Stop by. See what’s there and talk to the owner.

“People look BS and think one thing, but it’s actually Buy-Sell City,” said Darryl Taylor, who owns the business.

Darryl Taylor, owner of BS City

BS City buys and sells used goods

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