Bealls Florida: What You Need to Know!

There are few things as exciting as a new store opening in town. Bealls is one of our favorite department stores — and we’re not alone. The retailer has a cult-like following, with shoppers waiting outside for the doors to open when the store debuts a new location. With that said, if you live in or around Florida, you may have seen an article recently about Bealls expanding into your area.

Let’s take a closer look at this new deal and figure out if it’s time to stock up on those striped shirts and printed dresses you love so much.

What is Bealls?

Bealls, a Florida-based department store, is one of the largest retailers of its kind in the country. Founded in 1913, the chain operates over 100 stores in Florida, Georgia, Texas and California. Bealls specializes in selling moderately priced clothing and accessories for women, men and children.

The stores carry a range of brands, including their own brand of clothing, shoes and accessories and licensed products from brands like Disney and NFL. Bealls also operates a website where customers can purchase products from the company’s full product line.

Why is Bealls opening store in Florida?

Bealls has been operating in the state for almost a century, but the chain only operates a handful of stores in the western part of the state. Now, it’s hoping to expand their reach, opening up to 20 stores in the next two years in the eastern part of the state. The chain will open new stores in Orlando, Miami and Jacksonville, as well as in smaller cities like Daytona Beach and Gainesville. This is no overnight decision, either.

Bealls has been researching the state and monitoring the economic conditions there for years, waiting for the right time to expand. And now, it seems like the stars have aligned.

What you need to know about Bealls Florida?

First, be careful of the name. Bealls Florida is a completely new company, unrelated to the Bealls we know. We’ll call it BF for short. You have to be careful about what you’re buying. Some of the products are the same, but there is a chance that a few items may not be the same quality as the products you may have purchased from the Bealls in Texas or the Bealls in Florida.

You also have to be careful about the customer service. The customer service from the Bealls in Florida may not match the customer service from the Bealls in Texas, either.

How to Shop at Bealls?

If you’re new to Bealls, it’s important to know that the retailer is organized by price. Most of the apparel is organized by price, as well as the accessories, home goods and shoes. You’ll find the top-priced items at the front of the store and the lowest-priced items at the back of the store.

Bealls also has seasonal sales where you’ll find additional markdowns, including their famous Twice the Value event twice a year. If you shop online, keep in mind the retailer only offers free standard shipping on orders of $75 or more. You can get free shipping on orders below $75 with a Bealls coupon or promo code.

The Worst of Bealls: What to Avoid When Shopping at Bealls

We’ve been talking a lot about the best of Bealls, but we also need to talk about the worst of Bealls. Here are a few things to avoid when shopping at Bealls. Overly aggressive salespeople – You have the right to shop in peace, without having to listen to someone’s sales pitch. Be especially careful during their Twice the Value Sale.

Outdated merchandise – It’s not uncommon to find items that are outdated or on the cusp of being out-of-date at Bealls. Items that are overpriced – Bealls is not the store to go to if you’re looking for a deal. You’ll find a lot of items that are overpriced or priced well above what you’d find at a comparable retailer.

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