Before an infection, receiving two vaccines reduces long COVID.

According to a recent study from Britain, those who contract COVID-19 after receiving two vaccinations had a 41 percent lower likelihood of experiencing long-lasting COVID symptoms.

According to the authors of the study, which was published by Oxford University Press for the Infectious Diseases Society of America, those who contracted the disease prior to vaccination were more likely to experience symptoms at least 12 weeks later, emphasising “the need for public health initiatives” to increase vaccination rates.

According to the study, from April 2020 to November 2021, “we assessed long COVID incidence by vaccination status in a random sample of U.K. people.”

About 2% of patients in the U.K. have long-lasting symptoms, and two-thirds of them have functional impairment. The authors of the study concluded that vaccinations clearly reduce infections and transmissions and, as a result, prolong COVID.

Using prospective data from a sizable, random sample of the UK population with routine testing, they wrote, “We investigated whether infection following two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine is associated with a reduction in Long COVID symptoms after 12 weeks, relative to being unvaccinated when infected.”

When asked if they had a lengthy COVID or if they were “still suffering symptoms more than 4 weeks after you initially had COVID-19 that are not explained by something else,” survey respondents were asked if they identified as having a long COVID.

The authors stated that some “outcome misclassification was probable.” It’s possible that some participants’ symptoms stemmed from causes unrelated to COVID.

Because the majority of those who were immunised once had a second dose during the 12-week follow-up, researchers were “unable to analyse” subjects who had only received one immunisation.

A sizable sample of participants who were chosen at random from the population were included in the study. The study included individuals who were asymptomatic and symptomatic, as well as self-reported tests since they were routinely checked.

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