Can You See Your Pet’s Happy Face Behind Watery Eyes?

People love to say that their dogs have emotions, just like people do.

The dogs get along well with their owners, are content around them, play with them, etc.

However, do the dogs really cry when seeing their owners?

In the journal Current Biology, researchers reported this week that they had found this. Studies have found that dog owners produce more tears when their pets are reunited with them than other humans.

According to the New York Times, if true, “it would be the first proof that emotions cause tears not just in dogs, but in any other nonhuman animal.”

Scientists who are not involved in the research have their doubts.

According to Wynne, Clive Wynne, a canine behavior specialist at Arizona State University, “this is one of the most stunning discoveries in animal expression of emotions of all time.” But, he added, “it would take a lot to convince me.”

Few people have an argument with the finding that people have more nurturing instincts when seeing pictures of dogs with fake tears in their eyes than those without tears. These images can spark the caregiving instinct among people said researchers.

Previous studies have shown that dogs are able to recognize the emotions of human beings, and that they can place people into specific emotional categories, depending on how they act.

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