Dolphins Qarterback Questioned as part of Concussion Investigation, Says Network

Tua Tagovailoa, the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, allegedly spoke with investigators this week as the ongoing inquiry into his recent injury continues.

He was reportedly being questioned on Tuesday as part of the joint NFL and NFL Players Association inquiry, according to the NFL Network.

Tagovailoa stumbled during a game against the Buffalo Bills on September 25 after hitting his head on the ground. He was cleared to participate after undergoing a head injury evaluation.

Four days later, during a game against Cincinnati, Tagovailoa once more struck his head on the ground and suffered a concussion. He lay on the ground for a while before being taken from the field on a stretcher. According to The Miami Herald, the injury scare raised fresh concerns about the team’s management of the third-year quarterback.

The independent neurotrauma consultant who checked Tagovailoa for a concussion during the Buffalo game had been fired, according to the NFL Network. He was alleged to have acted hostilely during the probe and failed to comprehend his position.

According to the network, the NFL and NFLPA “agreed on the terms of a revised concussion protocol that will disqualify players who exhibit gross motor instability as Tagovailoa did during the Dolphins’ game against the Bills.

Tagovailoa will not be able to play in this Sunday’s game, according to Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel.

Tagovailoa has visited the team’s practise facilities and is in excellent spirits, he and numerous Dolphins have told the Herald.

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