Early U.S. Data Show That The Jynneos Vaccine Protects Against Monkeypox.

According to new U.S. government statistics, the Jynneos vaccine, which was initially developed to prevent smallpox infection, also appears to guard against monkeypox.

Despite two doses of the vaccine providing more protection against monkeypox, those who only received one dose were still significantly less likely to become ill, according to health experts, demonstrating the vaccine’s efficacy in a real-world environment.

Health officials would now want to see those at risk for monkeypox illness finish the vaccine series rather than using single doses earlier in the outbreak to stretch scarce supplies, the Associated Press said.

During a press conference on the monkeypox outbreak, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said, “We’re really encouraging clinicians to do outreach to get individuals their second doses.”

During the same briefing, Bob Fenton, the White House’s national monkeypox response coordinator, revealed that a total of 800,000 first and second doses have been distributed around the nation thus far. According to the CDC, as of September 17, around 150,000 were second doses.

During the present outbreak, there have been about 25,500 infections with monkeypox documented in the United States. Although anyone can contract the virus, men who have sex with other men are the main carriers.

Although there are fewer cases presently, racial inequities are expanding in the US. Black patients made up to 47% of the new cases that were recorded the week of September 11.

The 32 states that experienced monkeypox cases between July 31 and September 3 gave data on the Jynneos vaccine’s effectiveness against the disease, which had not before been demonstrated.

The result? According to the CDC, unvaccinated men aged 18 to 49 who were eligible for the vaccine were 14 times more likely to have an illness than those who received one dose two or more weeks prior.

According to laboratory research, people may have even greater protection with a second dose, according to Walensky, who referred to the second shot as “very essential.”

In-Depth Details

More information on monkeypox is available from the World Health Organization.

Source: The Associated Press.

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