FDA Gives the “Green Light” to Lab-Grown Meat

According to UPSIDE Foods creator Uma Valeti, MD, this is a turning point in the history of food. “This significant development ushers in a new era in meat production, and I’m delighted that Americans will soon be able to enjoy delectable meat that is produced entirely from animal cells.”

“No kill,” “lab-grown,” “cultivated,” and “human food manufactured from cultured animal cells” are terms used to describe the items. According to the FDA’s description of a four-step production method, no animals are killed or even hurt during this operation. The actions are:

1 Animal tissue cells are chosen, tested, and cultivated before being preserved for later use.

2 In order for some cells to expand into billions and trillions of cells, they are then placed in sterile containers with regulated settings.

3 The cells are then given additional nutrients, new cell attachment surfaces, or protein growth factors so they can “differentiate into various cell types and assume characteristics of muscle, fat, or connective tissue cells.”

4 The final step is to “harvest” and “prepare using conventional food processing and packaging methods” the cellular material that has resulted.

These goods may be created from animal cells, according to the FDA, including those from chicken, shellfish, and other animals. According to The Washington Post, these products can currently only be bought and sold lawfully in Singapore.

The production procedure “will utilise less water and land than conventionally-produced meat” and has the potential to “help lessen the danger of hazardous bacterial infection,” according to the UPSIDE Foods news release, which also clarified that the products “are not vegan or vegetarian.”

According to The Washington Post, the products were a “key topic of debate” at this week’s United Nations climate change summit and might be advantageous to the environment as alternatives to conventional cattle husbandry.

The FDA’s approval of UPSIDE Foods is merely the most recent of numerous steps that must still be taken before the items can be purchased by customers. When the products might hit the market was not specified by the corporation.

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