Fiscal capacity in a difficult situation

Precisely, in the given situation, uncontrolled inflation and growing geopolitical tensions have pushed the prices of essential and non-essential goods to such an extent that the government seems helpless to reverse the trend. In fact, uncontrolled price growth has caused severe pain to household budgets, and according to a continuous stream of media reports citing reliable experts, millions of households have fallen into poverty.

However, at the same time, this unprecedented crisis has taught us some important financial lessons, which can help us safely weather any future crisis. In other words, the situation prioritized, among other things, money management skills as an arsenal to survive in difficult times.

So there is no better time than today to pledge to arm our children with money management skills and guide them to plan for their financially sound future.

Ultimately, it is good financial health that will keep you afloat even in difficult circumstances. The current situation confirms this fact. According to the given situation, this is the best time to test and tear the parenting skills to respect the extraordinary responsibilities to make the present time memorable.

In other words, looking at responsible parenthood through the prism of the economic and financial angle makes sense today because we are experiencing the worst economic shocks ever seen in the last two years around us.

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