How to set your phone’s maximum volume limit

Above this setting, you can see how many headset notifications you’ve received from your iPhone in the last six months. For a more detailed reading of your headphone listening habits, go to the Health app included in iOS and select Browse, Hearingand Headphone audio levels. You will be able to see the volume at which you listened, for how long and when.

There’s one more step Apple recommends to make sure this all works right: classifying your Bluetooth devices so Apple knows how to treat them. To classify a device, in Settings, select bluetooth, then tap the blue info button next to the headset you’re using. On the next screen, select Device type and choose Headphones. (Dryers made by Apple will be automatically identified.)


Finding the right setting on Android is more difficult, as software menus tend to vary by phone manufacturer. We’ll guide you through the right options on the version of Android that Samsung offers for its Galaxy phones, but if you’re using a phone from another smartphone manufacturer, the process should be largely similar.

In Settings, select Sounds and vibrations and Volumethen tap the three dots (top right) and select Media volume limitation. Here you can turn on the feature and adjust the slider below to set the desired maximum sound level—there’s also an option to set a PIN to protect this setting (if you’re configuring a child’s phone, for example).

Volume Lock is an easy way to set restrictions on Android.

Volume Lock via David Nield

Android being Android, there are a number of third-party apps that you can use to limit the volume on your device. One of the best is the freemium volume lock: not only does it let you limit the sound volume, but it lets you do it based on the type of sound, so alarms can be louder than music, for example. A one-time fee of $5.49 unlocks all options, but media volume can be limited for free.

Alternatively, check out the free volume limiter, sound lock. It lets you set different volume limits based on the audio output you’re using (speakers or headphones), puts excessive volume warnings right in the notification bar, and is simple and intuitive to use. There’s even an option to exclude certain apps from volume restrictions.

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