Is It OK to Sleep with Earrings In? The Truth Behind the Rumors

You’ve probably heard from a friend, family member or your favorite aunt that you shouldn’t sleep with earrings in. But why? It feels weird to worry about it every time you go to bed but what are the risks of sleeping with earrings on? If they get caught and tear your earlobe? Do they stretch and leave an ugly mark on your face? Are there potential risks with leaving them on all night long? If you’re reading this article and thinking “OMG! They are so right!” then we have some good news for you.

The truth is that there are no confirmed scientific studies that confirm any of these negative effects of wearing earrings while sleeping. 

If you’re concerned about wearing your favorite earrings to bed, don’t be! Here are some facts about this commonly-held belief. You can keep your earrings in while sleeping regardless of all those weird rumors. Understanding the answer behind the advice will help you relax in future situations when someone has given you this advice again.

Is It Bad to Sleep with Earrings In?

First things first; is it bad to sleep with earrings in? Well, no. You don’t have to take them out every night. It’s not like your earlobes are going to shrivel up and die if you leave them in overnight. That being said, there are a few potential issues with sleeping with earrings. The most obvious is that if you roll over in bed and your earrings get caught on something, you could rip your earlobes. That’s a pretty extreme scenario, though, so if that’s what you’re worried about, you can rest easy.

Will Earrings Ruin Your Ears?

We’re not sure why this rumor started but it’s been around for a while. People think that sleeping with earrings in will cause your earlobes to stretch out and look weird. This simply isn’t the case. Research shows that the weight of the earrings helps to keep your earlobes in place. In other words, the earrings act as a kind of support for your ears and stop them from stretching out.

Will Earrings Stretch Your Earlobes?

Earring holes are supposed to stretch. That’s what they’re there for. The holes are created by piercings, and the holes will naturally grow over time to accommodate the jewelry being worn. Your earlobes are supposed to stretch a little when you wear earrings. That’s why they’re called stretched earrings! If your earlobes aren’t stretching enough, you might have a healing issue or an earring that’s too small. If your earlobes are already stretched or you have stretched ear piercings, you may want to try wearing a longer earring.

Are There Any Other Risks to Sleeping with Earrings In?

Aside from ripping your earlobes, wearing earrings while you’re asleep also increases the risk of infection. Earrings can trap bacteria and cause an infection or irritation in your ear canal. Sleeping with earrings is especially dangerous for people who already have weak immune systems. If you do, your best bet is to take them out before you go to bed. There’s also a chance that earrings could get caught in your pillow and cause damage to your jewelry. This is especially likely if the earrings are heavy or if you’re sleeping on your side.

So, Is It Safe to Sleep with Earrings In?

As long as you’re not wearing super heavy earrings, sleeping with earrings in is safe. The most important thing is to be sure you’re wearing the right kind of earrings. If you want to sleep with earrings on, you’ll need to make sure they’re lightweight enough so they don’t pull your earlobes down. That’s particularly important if you have stretched earlobes and are wearing heavier stud earrings. If you don’t know what kind of earrings are safe to wear while you’re asleep, it’s best to play it safe and take them out. Just make sure to put them back in when you wake up!

There are a few potential issues with sleeping with earrings. They can rip your earlobes if they get caught on something in bed or if you roll over and they get pulled against your pillow. They can also increase the risk of infection if you’re not careful. As long as you’re wearing lightweight earrings, sleeping with them is safe. The most important thing is to make sure they’re not too heavy so they don’t pull your earlobes down.

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