Kajal Pisal says she loves her exercise routine

MUMBAI: ‘Saath Nibhaana Saathiya’ actress Kajal Pisal enjoys making exercise a fun activity rather than a boring chore. She sets goals for other women to follow a fitness regimen.

She says, “In the process of losing weight and staying fit, women often end up making mistakes like eating too little, not exercising for their body type and expecting instant results. I believe it is essential to focus on a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients and supplement it with regular exercise by making exercise fun rather than a chore.”

Kajal believes that fitness is a long and tiring process for women. “Fitness is a long and tiring process, especially for us women who have to deal with losing weight. I am very concerned and dedicated to my health. I make sure to exercise before and after filming,” she says.

“When it comes to looking and feeling great at different ages, exercise is the closest thing. It’s one of these factors that can be controlled, and it’s very effective in improving health,” concludes the actress known for series like ‘CID’, ‘Naagin 5’ and more.

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