Launch of Message-Based Virtual Healthcare Service by Amazon

On Tuesday, Amazon debuted the most recent iteration of its virtual healthcare service in 32 states. The programme, known as Amazon Clinic, avoids phone and video calls in favour of secure texting between patients and clinicians.

According to the firm, “Amazon Clinic is a practical virtual care solution that offers upfront price and treatment within hours, instead of days.”

The programme offers a list of roughly 20 illnesses, ranging from sinusitis to seasonal allergies, and is designed for common and relatively simple medical needs. Patients who have certain recognised diseases, such as migraines and asthma, may also ask for medicine refills.

According to Amazon’s release, “sometimes you just need a fast engagement with a clinician for a common health condition that can be readily treated digitally.”

The service operates on a fee-based model and does not accept insurance; it also includes up to two weeks’ worth of provider follow-up messages. Patients can submit receipts for reimbursement by their insurer, if they have one, after paying Amazon directly.

State, ailment type, and provider all affect visit expenses. Patients go to the Amazon Clinic website, choose the illness they want to be treated for, and then enter their state. Then, provider choices and prices are shown, along with a link to a page with further information about each provider. Additionally, wait periods for getting a provider’s initial answer are made public.

Amazon’s venture into the medical field is developing. According to Becker’s Hospital Review, it provides a pharmacy service and has agreed to buy the brick-and-mortar primary care clinics and telehealth service of One Medical. By the end of the year, Amazon Care, a telemedicine service, will be discontinued, the business announced.

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