Learn all about Alia Bhatt’s fitness secrets

Learn all about Alia Bhatt’s fitness secrets

Jul 05, 2022, 03:54 pm
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Learn all about Alia Bhatt's fitness secrets
Alia Bhatt works hard to maintain her fitness and health.

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt never fails to amaze us, be it her versatile choice of film scripts, be it her body shape and naturally glowing skin.

The soon-to-be mom is a fitness enthusiast.

She was a chubby teenager but lost quite a bit of weight before making her Bollywood debut with Student of the year in 2012

Check out her fitness secrets.

Bhatt likes to do pilates and yoga

Bhatt is a big fan of Pilates, but also enjoys cardiovascular sessions or extensive HIIT workouts.

He likes to mix up his workouts and switch between strength training and cardio.

Apart from this, Bhatt also likes to do yoga and meditation.

The actor likes to perform ashtanga yoga and various forms of anti-gravity yoga like chakrasana, bhujangasana, surya namaskarand pranayama.

‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’ Actor’s Daily Workout Routine

Bhatt hits the gym three to four times a week and her exercise routine mainly includes altitude training, weight training, swimming, circuit training, kickboxing and functional running and beach jogging.

The Brahmastra star does an intense cardio session for 40 minutes every day.

Bhatt usually runs on a treadmill and performs dumbbell push-ups, bicep curls, sit-ups, triceps push-ups, back extensions, lunges, squats and lateral pull-ups.

Which actor’s fitness and diet plan are you interested in?

Bhatt’s Vegetarian Diet Plan

Bhatt, a vegetarian, eats eight meals a day and starts her morning with herbal tea and vegetables poha.

She has one idli with sambhar or a bowl of papaya as a morning snack.

For lunch, she has one rotivegetables, daaland cottage cheese.

There is tea without sugar and one idli with sambhar in the evening.

For dinner, Bhatt has one rotivegetables and daal.

The ‘Raazi’ actress never skips her workout

Bhatt is extremely consistent with her exercise routine which has helped her achieve her fitness goals.

Bhatt once said that at first she couldn’t stand straight with both feet on the ground, but now she can do squats on the flat side of a BOSU ball.

On days when Bhatt can’t go to the gym, she manages to do virtual workouts with her trainer.

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