Oops! Capri Sun Drinks Recalled Due to Cleaning Solution Contamination

Approximately 5,700 cases of Capri Sun Wild Cherry are being recalled because they were contaminated by a cleaning solution, according to a recall notice from Kraft Heinz.

A diluted cleaning solution that is used on food processing equipment accidentally got into a production line at one of the company’s factories. Wild Cherry with the information found on the package was affected.

Kraft Heinz said in a statement, That they discovered the problem after receiving complaints from consumers about the taste of their product. “The company is attempting to cooperate with retail partners and distributors to withdraw potentially dangerous product from circulation.”

People who purchased these products are advised not to drink them and should return them to the stores where they were bought, Kraft Heinz said.

This package includes a “best when used by” date of June 25, 2023. The drink is sold in paperboard cartons that are packaged in individual packages of foil.

Manufacturer code on pouch is “25JUN2023 WXX LYY ####” where XX is any number between 01 and 10, YY is any number between 01 and 12, and #### is any number between 0733 and 0900. A manufacturer code appears on the carton as “25JUN2023 WXX #### CT1404”, where XX varies from 01 to 03, and #### varies from 0733 to 1000. The universal product code for this carton is 087684001004.

You can reach Kraft Heinz at 800-280-8252 between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, to see if a product is subject to the recall and to receive a refund.

This follows a recall last November for products containing Country Time Lemonade, Kool-Aid, Tang, and Arizona Tea due to the presence of foreign materials, including small metal and glass fragments that were introduced during production.

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