Pfizer CEO is Once Again Found to Have COVID.

Despite testing positive for the coronavirus, Albert Bourla, CEO of COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer Pfizer, declared over the weekend that he is not experiencing any symptoms.

“My COVID test came back positive. I’m feeling good and have no symptoms. I haven’t received the new bivalent booster yet because the CDC advised me to wait three months after my prior COVID case, which occurred in mid-August. The infection is still with us, despite the fact that we’ve made amazing progress, he wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

Four doses of the Pfizer vaccine have been administered to Bourla. On August 15, Reuters reported that he had initially tested positive for COVID. At the time, 60-year-old Bourla claimed to be isolating himself and had begun using Paxlovid, the company’s oral COVID-19 antiviral medication.

The COVID infection confers some immunity, according to the CDC, therefore people should postpone taking the booster. The CDC advises that you “consider delaying your immunisation by 3 months from the onset of your symptoms or, if you had no symptoms, the day you obtained a positive test.”

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