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Los Angeles is filled with so many talented, hard-working people who make a big impact on the community. Today I want to highlight some amazing entrepreneurs in the LA area who have been extremely successful and influential.

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Evans

Jeremy M. Evans is the CEO, founder and managing attorney at California Sports Lawyer. He represents entertainment, media and sports clientele. Jeremy is an award-winning attorney and industry leader and currently serves as President of the California Bar Association (2021-2023). In addition, he has a podcast called “Bleav in Sports Law with Jeremy Evans,” writes a weekly column, and teaches in the graduate sports management programs at California State University, Long Beach and the US Military University. He is also a production consultant for MediaMonks. Inc., which handles legal affairs for their film, entertainment and production division. His clients range from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers, models, directors, television hosts and film producers, studios, writers, individuals and businesses. Before opening California Sports Lawyer, he served as a graduate law clerk in the California Superior Court. Jeremy also worked as a legislative assistant, field representative and associate director of corporate finance at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart and Sullivan LLP. Overall, Jeremy has achieved many goals and continues to be an extremely successful, highly educated businessman. Jeremy Evans is a prosperous entrepreneur based in Los Angeles who has considerable skills and accomplishments. @jeremymevansq

Photo by Brandie Newman

Brandie Newman, vice president of Newman Hospitality Group, has had a successful career in business. She and her husband Ken Newman founded NHG in 2016 and opened their first restaurant and live music venue, The Canyon Cowboy, in Canyon Lake, California. Their restaurant has been extremely successful and has been awarded “Best Casual Dining” in the Inland Empire every year since they opened. In 2020, NHG had the opportunity to purchase the Temecula Stampede. Since then they have hosted The Old Town Music Festival, a two-day festival that has featured The Band Perry, Chris Janson, Billy Ray Cyrus, Tyler Farr and many more. NHG has also included Old Town Ranch where guests can stay at the ranch in luxury Conestoga covered wagons. Brandie has worked hard her entire life, opening her first retail business at the age of 23. In 2006, she moved to Los Angeles and signed with Sirius XM to host a nationally syndicated radio show that had 3 million listeners worldwide. Brandie is an incredible example of a hard working woman in the business industry. She is a huge influence on all women who have goals and dreams of being in the workforce and doing what they love.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Stage

Sarah Stage is another big influence on women, encouraging them to live a healthy lifestyle. She is a certified trainer, certified prenatal instructor and influencer in Los Angeles. She is an amazing mother to her two sons and continues to share her mom lifestyle. She shares her workouts, fitness tips and mommy stories. She especially helped moms get in shape after giving birth, as well as during pregnancy. There are many different home workouts, recipes, nutrition tips and fitness guides. Sara is such an inspiration to stay fit, have the right mindset and do what’s good for your body. She helped many moms and women who were struggling to stay in shape and have a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for a way to transform your body and improve your fitness and health Sarah Stage is the person for you. Her business was extremely successful, and she is a great example of a hardworking, healthy mom.

Photo courtesy of Lana Carlson

Lane Carlson is a transformational coach and medicine guide. Lane has researched many remedies and practices that really help people get well. He is the founder of and is an advisor to for mushroom research and withdrawal. He also co-founded an international charity covering 14 countries, spoke at the United Nations World Conference on Poverty and produced award-winning films on social issues. He decided to dedicate his life to traveling the world and seeking the truth to find alternative ways to heal the mind, body and soul. He is from Stillwater, MN but now lives in Topanga, CA. He has helped many people restore their bodies and minds and become more educated in the healing process. Lane holds a master’s degree in spiritual psychology and has spent years discovering and facilitating healing for others through non-traditional remedies and practices. His interests and beliefs have influenced so many people in incredible ways, allowing others to find what truly works best for them. @carlsonlane

Photo by Lizzy Mathis

Lizzy Mathis is a mom and the CEO/Founder of The Cool Mom Co. The Cool Mom Co. was created to remind moms to put themselves first, rekindle their passions, and remind women how amazing they are and bring that to motherhood all the time. Lizzie, as a mother, founded this company to inspire and encourage all moms and to provide a destination for online socializing. Cool Mom Co. provides resources for all things cool in food, style, life and beauty. It provides activities, favorite purchases, food posts, beauty and skin care tips and more. Some other cool moms sharing some of their input include Jessica Alba, Shani Darden, and Chriselle Lim. Along with her successful company, Lizzy stars in Honest Renovations, an unscripted home improvement series, with Jessica Alba. @thecoolmomco @lizzymathis

Photo: Mel Lamprey

Mel Lamprey donates her time to help animals in LA. She hopes to inspire others to action, joy and laughter through her own adventures in SN fostering, her love of nature and travel. Mel does an amazing job caring for animals in need and giving them love, food and shelter. She has fostered so many animals here in LA and helped them get back to healthy lives. Mel is such an inspiration and has helped LA animals in need in so many amazing ways. Fostering or adopting animals is a selfless and great way to help the community. @mellamprey

Photo by Sophie Jaffe

Sophie Jaffe is another healthy, inspirational mom who founded Philosophie Superfoods. Her company sells raw, organic GF superfoods, and she provides recipes and encouragement. There are so many different superfoods to choose from to improve your health and lifestyle. Its products do not contain artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Some of the world’s biggest celebrities and best moms agree that her company makes adding superfoods easy and convenient. She also has a blog that explains the benefits and science behind superfoods. She is a successful entrepreneur as well as a great mother to her three children. She is an excellent example of a healthy, hardworking, mom and business woman. @sophie.jaffe

Photo: Massy Marias

Massy Marias is a mom, health coach and CEO of Tru Supplements. Her supplements are vegan friendly, GMO, soy and gluten free, 100% natural, safe for new mums and free of heavy metals and fillers. (@tru_supplements) She sells a variety of supplements that have different benefits and effects. It also has a fitness program with amazing exercise videos and training programs. ( @mawarriors) Massy has influenced so many different women by helping them stay motivated to get healthy and fit. She provides recipes, programs and is an inspiration to many in LA and around the world. @massy.arias

Photo by Leslie Dorso

Lesley Dorso is an amazing, talented designer in LA. She has been designing for over 20 years and has worked with some of the biggest companies in the design industry and boutique design houses. She works with clients to achieve the goal of having a place that suits their specific taste. Through architecture, furniture, art, colors and textures that match their desires, she helps her clients feel drawn into the space. Lesley believes that we live better when our living space meets our needs aesthetically, spiritually and functionally. She wants her clients to feel harmony when they enter the space, she designed with them. Home is all about where family and friends connect to make great memories, and Lesley helps people create that welcoming space.

Good Carma Studeio (Photo by Molly C)

Good Carma Studio is a one-woman studio with creative marketing campaigns, celebrity integration, talent and brand management, event production and sponsorships, product launches, endorsements and social media campaigns. The amazing women behind the company are sisters, Chrissy Kling and Nicole Levine. Good Carma Studio works to provide press and event opportunities allowing each client to increase exposure and revenue. GCS creates and implements a marketing plan that is tailored to each client. Nicole and Chrissy are intelligent, hardworking women who have created an amazing business in LA

All of these amazing people have worked hard for their success and made an impact on many different people. There are so many opportunities and ways to do what you love and have a successful career in Los Angeles. Living in Los Angeles, these people have succeeded in countless ways and have been able to provide for themselves and their families while helping their followers achieve their own goals and dreams.

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