What blood type are you? The most popular ones, including A, B, and O, are known to the majority of individuals. Have you, however, heard of “Er”? In this unique group, five additional blood kinds have been found by scientists.

The finding will be helpful in treating persons with unusual blood types when they experience health issues. Blood cells that contain an antigen that the body does not recognise as one of its own are targeted for destruction by the immune system when this happens. However, there are times when issues arise, such as when a pregnant woman’s blood type doesn’t match that of her unborn child.

Erantigens, also known as the new blood type, is its name. Based on genetic differences in the Piezo1 protein, which is present on the surfaces of red blood cells, there are five blood types in this category. Piezo1, which derives its name from the Greek word for pressure, is engaged in a number of critical functions in the kidneys, lungs, and vascular system. It also senses blood flow.

Researchers have demonstrated that Piezo1 is the carrier for these locations using cutting-edge DNA sequencing and gene-editing techniques under the direction of Vanja Karamatic Crew, PhD, a senior scientist from the NHS Blood and Transplant in Bristol, England.

The American Society of Hematology’s publication Blood, where the researchers reported their findings. And with the identification of the genetic underpinnings of new unusual blood groups, researchers may create new tests to determine who possesses them.

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