Celebrates Disability Pride Month; It supports differently abled entrepreneurs

Published 07-14-22

Submitted by Skys the Limit

OAKLAND, Calif., July 14, 2022 /CSRwire/ – (“Sky’s the Limit”), a digital community transforming the terrain for entrepreneurial success, is pleased to celebrate all entrepreneurs of diverse abilities who follow their passions and interests while building their businesses from the ground up.

For many people with disabilities of working age, seeking traditional employment can be a daunting prospect fraught with challenges and uncertainties. Unfortunately, a good number of these relate to whether it will even be possible to gain meaningful employment in today’s labor market, given the general lack of awareness of best practices for disability inclusion in the workplace.

Even for those who are able to successfully navigate the hiring process and get their foot in the door, doubts and insecurities often remain about whether colleagues will be able to understand the day-to-day impact of their disability. Moreover, given that they are entering an established corporate structure with pre-existing protocols, practices and workplace culture, disabled employees may rightly have concerns about their employer’s capacity to adapt to meet their changing and often complex needs.

As unfair as it may be, awareness of disability inclusion in the workplace may be growing, but there is still a long way to go. These are some of the reasons why people with disabilities are starting their own businesses at a rate nearly double that of their peers without disabilities, according to the latest US Census. Research shows that there are four basic reasons why entrepreneurs with disabilities start their own businesses: economic motives; flexibility and self-determination; avoiding discrimination; and personal development and the possibility to contribute something.

Regardless of your reasons for starting your own business, Sky’s the Limit is here for entrepreneurs of all abilities. At Sky’s the Limit, we’re celebrating all of you during Disability Pride Month. We invite everyone, of all abilities, to visit our platform at Sky’ and get started today for free mentoring and coaching, business resources and funding opportunities. At Sky’s the Limit, we believe that nothing should stop you from achieving your business goals.

About is a non-profit organization whose platform connects underrepresented entrepreneurs with volunteer business professionals for free one-on-one mentoring. Sky’s the Limit’s mission is to build a global community where all entrepreneurs and their allies can build meaningful relationships and grow together. The team also provides education and training opportunities to all members, as well as monthly funding opportunities.

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Our mission is to build a global community where all entrepreneurs and their allies can build meaningful relationships and grow together.

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