Stellar Ventures closes $23 million fund for the next generation of space entrepreneurs

Investing in space start-ups has almost caught up 15 billion dollars 2021 (Bryce Tech, 2022). Approximately 350 billion dollars the global space market could leapfrog 1 trillion dollars by 2040 as assessed by Morgan Stanley’s space team with strategic public-private partnerships producing innovative, integrated solutions.

“We are on the precipice of exponential growth in the space industry, much like the Internet in the late 1990s,” said the CEO. Celeste Ford. “Amazon, Google and Netflix were built on the foundations of the Internet. In today’s space industry, the commoditization of space launches has led to a similar dynamic, with a new crop of entrepreneurs rapidly bringing innovative products to market. Stellar Ventures invests in promising entrepreneurs who capitalize on these building opportunities space companies of tomorrow.”

A pioneering space exploration engineer, Ford founded Stellar Solutions in 1995 and led it as CEO until she ascended to the position of Chairman of the Board in 2018. She founded Stellar Ventures in 2022 with CEO Matt Patterson and operating partner David Anderman.

“No other venture fund in the space industry has partners like Stellar Solutions,” Patterson said. “Stellar Solutions identifies workflow, performs our due diligence and introduces entrepreneurs to government clients where their products can directly impact US and international missions.”

Stellar Solutions specializes in high-end systems engineering, serving intelligence, defense, civil, commercial and international space clients. Stellar Solutions’ more than 300 employees include an impressive roster of Stellar Solutions advisors who are accomplished leaders with national security experience (for examplegenerals, admirals, SES – senior executive service, ambassadors), former astronauts and scientific/engineering professionals serving the defense, intelligence, commercial, civilian and international sectors.

“Stellar Ventures is committed to identifying successful investments for its limited partners and fostering the development of space technologies to achieve ambitious business, government and environmental goals,” said Anderman, who is the former general counsel of SpaceX and previously served as chief operating officer and chief advisor to Lucasfilm Ltd.

“Engineers are creating the next generation of space startups and can prove their technology in orbit for a fraction of what it cost just a few years ago,” he added. “What was once the realm of science fiction is now reality as humanity expands into the cosmos.”

Space technology enables Fortune 500 companies to monitor crop production and supply chains, and governments to manage cybersecurity and support warfighters. As expressed in the 2021 United States Space Priorities Framework, “Space activities are critical to our way of life. They advance our understanding of Earth, space, and humanity; they enable US national security; they create good jobs and economic opportunity; they improve our health and well-being; and inspire us to follow our dreams.”

About Stellar Ventures

Stellar Ventures is a female-led venture capital firm investing in the next generation of space entrepreneurs. With the launch of its first fund, SV Andromeda Fund LP, the Stellar Ventures team will invest in early-stage mission-driven space technology companies, leveraging its technical expertise and network in the aerospace sector. Stellar Ventures partners with extraordinary leaders who are using space technology to build extraordinary businesses that will change the world.

About Stellar Solutions

Stellar Solutions, Inc. is a global provider of aerospace and systems engineering services for the commercial, defense, intelligence, civil and international sectors. Stellar Solutions provides systems engineering capabilities and strategic support for global communications, remote sensing, national defense and space exploration. These solutions for critical customer needs connect technology and customers across multiple domains. With physical operations throughout the US and the world, Stellar Solutions is a recognized leader in providing critical end-to-end expertise and problem-solving skills.

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