Support Lucedale City Park’s non-profit fitness equipment

LUCEDALE, Miss. (WKRG) — A non-profit health and wellness organization is raising support to install exercise equipment at Lucedale City Park.

The project came about when the Health and Prescription Services were looking for ways to support people in Lucedale to live a healthy lifestyle.

“One of the things we’re trying to do is be more proactive rather than reactive in how we help our communities be healthier,” said CEO Shelia Robertson.

The agency helps people in George and Jackson counties with vouchers for prescriptions and medical supplies, travel for health care and referrals to other social services. Many clients require treatment for conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, problems that HAPS hopes will become less prevalent through education and prevention.

“Many communities have that kind of equipment. The only community that really didn’t have what we serve was Lucedale,” Robertson said. “Everyone should have access to the things they need to be healthy if they want it if they want it. Inability to access should not be an excuse.”

Hurricane-safe equipment proposed for Lucedale City Park includes differently-abled sections such as a sit-up bench, push-up station, chest and leg press, lat pull-down and five pull-up bars.

HAPS contributes $1,500 to the purchase price. The remaining $16,000 is to be funded by community support. Similar equipment costs more than $50,000, Robertson said, but they can get a discounted rate in part because of their nonprofit status.

“We’re hoping to get support from the community that will use it and have access to it, and then maybe in the future we’ll be able to build on that particular site,” Robertson said.

Tax-deductible donations are accepted through:

  • Paypal: @Donatehealth3207
  • CashApp: $Donatehealth
  • Make check payable to Health and Prescription Services at 3207 Francis Street, Pascagoula, MS 39567
  • Call the office at 228-762-0364 or email

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