Everyone loves French fries, but they’re not exactly a healthy option. However, that doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of this delicious side dish. Instead, plan and make more conscious choices about how you prepare and eat them. The nutrition profile of fast food items is constantly changing due to new research and health scares. In some cases, chains remove or reduce certain ingredients as a response to new information. As such, you must check the nutrition facts before you order because they can vary widely from one location to another and even from one menu item to another at the same chain. Check out these tips for eating healthy at Wendy’s if you visit frequently or just occasionally.

Selecting a French Fry Type

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When you order French fries, you may not always be sure what type you’re getting. That’s because different chains have different ways of categorizing their fry offerings. You can select from the following types of fries at Wendy’s: – Natural-Cut Fries: These are the standard French fries that you’re probably familiar with. They’re thicker, have a curlier shape with a wide surface area and are made from whole potatoes that are cut into “steak fries” or “fry shapes.” These tend to be healthier than the other French fries options on this list. – Waffle-Cut Fries: These are thinner than the natural-cut fries and have a flatter shape with a large surface area. They are made from a potato blend that includes more potato flakes than natural-cut fries. – Crinkle-Cut Fries: These are thin and have a criss-cross cut. The cut is usually vertical, but some restaurants cut them horizontally. The crinkled shape makes them crispier than other types of fries.

  • Choose a potato variety

The type of potato used to make French fries is one of the most important factors affecting their nutritional content. You can make healthier choices by selecting whole potatoes or a blended variety of potatoes over highly processed potato products. Wendy’s offers a variety of potatoes for its natural-cut fries, including Russet, Idaho and Yam. In general, Russet and Idaho potatoes are higher in starch than Yam, making them a better choice for French fries. You may also find that your choice of French fries varies on the type of restaurant you visit. That’s because different franchises have different suppliers, so the types and varieties of potatoes they use vary.

  • Choose the type or cut of French fries you desire

If you decide to go with waffle-cut fries, you’re probably wondering if they’re better for you. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any conclusive evidence to support this. Waffle-cut fries are a thinner, more uniform shape than natural-cut fries, which may make them crispier. However, they are made with a blend of potato products that include potato flakes. These are made from whole potatoes that have been shredded, dried, and then re-formed into potato flake shapes. Wendy’s crinkle-cut fries are also made from a blend of potato products, this time including potato flakes. The crinkled cut may make them crispier than other types of fries, but it doesn’t seem to make them any healthier.

  • Choose between baked or traditional French fries

As discussed, waffle- and crinkle-cut fries are baked, while natural-cut fries are fried. You may have to choose between two (or three) unhealthy options. Wendy’s natural- and waffle-cut fries are fried in vegetable oil. The crinkle-cut fries are made with canola oil. If you want to make the healthiest choice, go with the baked fries. If you want the tastiest option, go with the natural-cut fries. These are all healthier options for French fries. However, you can make even healthier choices by dipping your fries in ketchup or one of the other dipping sauces available at Wendy’s. You can also add other toppings to your fries, like low-fat cheese or chili, to add nutrition and flavor to your side dish.

Having French fries with sauces and toppings

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When you order your French fries, consider pairing them with a healthier dipping option. For example, you could ask if the restaurant has any vegetable-based dipping sauces. If not, other options include pairing your fries with a low-fat ranch dressing or ketchup. If you like to add a chili or cheese sauce and other toppings, be careful not to overdo it. Some sauces and toppings are high in calories and sodium, so be sure to follow portion control.

  • Eat ketchup with your french fries.

Ketchup is a popular topping for French fries, but it can add a surprising amount of sugar. If you like the idea of ketchup, try a low-sugar variety. You can also consider mixing ketchup with a small amount of mayo, which is lower in calories and could add a nice texture.

  • Fries can be dipped in additional burger toppings.

When you order a burger, consider adding additional toppings like pickles, jalapenos, and tomato. These may be lower in calories than some of the traditional burger topping options. If you’re craving some fries with your burger, you can use those toppings as dipping options for your French fries. Alternatively, you can use the toppings to top your French fries for a nice twist on a classic side dish.

  • Fries are delicious with unconventional sauces.

If you’re craving fries with a sauce, consider pairing them with a healthy alternative like salsa or guacamole to keep your calorie intake in check. If you’re craving a creamy sauce, try pairing your fries with a low-calorie ranch dressing or hummus. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to have your fries and eat them too. You can have your favorite side dish at any fast food chain and still stay healthy. You can make healthy choices at any fast-food chain. Just be careful to not let the portion sizes and appetizing images on the menus make you forget about your healthy eating plan.

Having a Topping with French fries

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One of the best ways to make your French fries healthier is to add a topping to them. This will increase the cost of your meal, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for a healthier option. Wendy’s offers several toppings that you can add to your French fries. Some of the most popular options include chili, cheese sauce, nacho cheese, baked beans, and bacon. Some of these toppings are healthier than others. Bacon is high in fat and sodium, for example, and may not be the best option for someone who is trying to eat healthily.

  • Pour melted cheese on your fries.

This is one of the best ways to make your French fries healthier. You can either ask the cashier to pour the melted cheese on your French fries when you order them or you can request to do it yourself at the table. Burgers and other sandwiches often come with melted cheese as a topping. However, if you put too much-melted cheese on your sandwich, you may increase the calorie and fat content in the meal drastically. On the other hand, melted cheese on your French fries is much healthier than putting it on your sandwich. You should make sure to take the amount of melted cheese on your fries in moderation so you don’t go over your daily sodium intake.

  • Pour gravy over your fries.

If you love eating traditional Southern dishes or if you enjoy eating a traditional turkey dinner on Thanksgiving day, you may be interested in adding gravy to your French fries. Wendy’s offers gravy as a topping for its French fries. This may sound weird, but it’s a very common way to eat fries in the South. You can either pour the gravy over your fries or dip the fries in the gravy. You can also dip your sandwich in the gravy if you like. Some people like to add ketchup and others prefer to just have gravy by itself. Gravy is a rich and creamy sauce, so you won’t be adding as many calories or sodium to your meal by pouring it over your French fries.

  • Add a layer of meat to your fries.

If you love eating burgers, you can turn your fries into mini burgers by adding a layer of meat to them. Wendy’s offers bacon, ham, and chili as topping options for its French fries. You can either pour the meat on top of your fries or you can place the fries on the meat and then flip them over to cover the meat with the fries. This will add protein to your meal, which is essential for maintaining a balanced diet. Bacon and ham are high in sodium, so you shouldn’t consume too much of this topping. Additionally, you should choose a lower-fat bacon option to minimize your fat intake.


French fries are one of America’s favorite foods. They are delicious side dishes, but they are also high in calories, fat, and sodium. However, there are several ways you can make your French fries healthier if you are trying to eat better. These include adding melted cheese, pouring gravy over them, adding a layer of meat to them, or just having them plain.

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