Top 3 band exercises to improve your deadlift

The biggest disadvantage of band exercises is that they stop strengthening you after a certain point. They only come so thick and stretch so far before they can break. Breaking a band might look funny in a workout failure video, but when it catches you – not so much.

But when resistance bands are intelligently programmed as supplemental deadlift exercises, they can help improve your strength and technique by working on weaknesses in parts of the deadlift by providing additional assistance or resistance. The main advantage of bands is that they do NOT rely on gravity for resistance, so you can perform a variety of exercises at different angles and bands can be added to many free weight exercises.

Using bands for extra deadlifts is a great way to add variety to your programming and give your joints a break from the constant pounding of gravity. Here we’ll explain some common deadlift weaknesses and 3 band exercises to strengthen and improve your deadlift.

3 Common Deadlift Weaknesses

When you want to get better at deadlifting, you need to lift more, but sometimes this will only take you so far. Working harder is great, but so is working smarter because when you train with heavier weights, small biases creep into your deadlift that aren’t noticed when you lift lighter weights. If you keep trying, then it’s only a matter of time before frustration builds and the risk of injury increases.

And you don’t want any of that. Even if your technique is spot on, there can still be some common “weaknesses” that can occur when pulling heavy.

  • Lack of blocking power: Lifters who lack lockout strength with heavier weights tend to stretch their lower back rather than their glutes. If you like to crush your spine, then be sure to block your lower back. I’m sure everything will be fine.
  • Slow pull from the floor: The longer you spend at the bottom of a deadlift means you’re wasting energy for the rest of the lift and the possibility of your lower back getting mad at you.
  • Lack of upper back strength: This leads to the rounding of the spine and the distance of the bar from the body. Both are a no-no for most lifters if you don’t like lower back pain.

3 band exercises to improve your deadlift

If you notice any of the above happening to you or you want to improve your deadlift strength and technique, the following 3 resistance band exercises will help.

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