Why It’s Healthier To Sleep With Your Bedroom Door Closed

We all know that getting enough sleep is important for both our mental and physical health. But getting quality sleep can be challenging, especially when you live in a small space with roommates, have a partner who snores, or share a bedroom with a child. Keeping the bedroom door closed may not seem like an obvious choice for improving your sleep habits, but there are several good reasons to do so. In this blog post, we explore some of the benefits of keeping your bedroom door closed while you sleep — as well as give you some great tips on how to achieve this new habit. So read on to find out more!

It can help you sleep better

If you’ve ever tried to sleep with a light on, you’ll know how hard it is to get a good night’s sleep. But what if that light was in your bedroom, and you were the one who had control over it? Keeping your bedroom door closed is one of the easiest ways to darken your sleeping environment and improve the quality of your sleep. It can help you fall asleep faster, improve your sleep quality, and help you wake up feeling more refreshed.

This is thanks to melatonin — the hormone your body produces that makes you feel sleepy. When light hits your retina, it inhibits the production of melatonin. So by keeping the light out, you’re helping your body produce melatonin sooner, which means you’ll fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

It’s the easiest way to darken your room

When we talk about improving your sleep quality, we don’t just mean being able to fall asleep faster. We also mean being able to stay asleep for longer. As we just mentioned, the easiest way to achieve this is by keeping the lights out in your bedroom so that your eyes don’t have to work to produce melatonin. But how do you keep the lights out when you have a roommate who likes to stay up late reading or a child who still has trouble falling asleep in the dark?

One of the best ways to ensure you can sleep in a fully dark room is by keeping your bedroom door closed. Not only does it help you keep the lights out, but it also keeps sound out. If you’re sharing a room with a child who’s still learning how to fall asleep, keeping the door closed means you won’t have to hear them calling out to you.

If you’re sharing a room with a partner, keeping the door closed means you won’t have to listen to their late-night reading habits. Or if they’re snoring, you can close the door and not disturb them while you try to fall asleep.

It can cut down on snoring and unwanted noise

One of the worst aspects of having a roommate is hearing them snore. If you have a snoring roommate, you know that it’s almost impossible to tune them out and fall asleep. And if you’re sharing a bedroom with a child, you might hear them playing quietly or inadvertently bumping into things. While most people try to be considerate and keep their noise levels to a minimum, it’s often hard to avoid making some unwanted noise at times.

If you keep the door closed, you can reduce the amount of noise that enters your room. Not only does this mean that you’re less likely to be disturbed by the noise, but it also means that you can use it to your advantage by drowning out your noises. If you’re snoring, for example, keeping the door closed can help you drown out your sound so that you don’t disturb your roommates.

It can help you feel more refreshed in the morning

If you’re someone who likes to sleep with their bedroom door closed, you might already know that it can help you sleep better. But did you know that it can also help you feel more refreshed in the morning? Keeping the door closed means that your room is fully dark, so your eyes are less strained, and you’re less likely to feel tired and groggy as soon as you open your eyes.

It also means that you won’t have light streaming in through your eyelids and disrupting your sleep, so you’ll feel more relaxed when you wake up. And, as we mentioned earlier, keeping the lights out will help your body produce melatonin sooner, so you’ll sleep better throughout the night and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Final Words

A good night’s sleep is an important part of your daily routine, but it doesn’t always happen. If you’ve been experiencing sleep issues, try keeping your bedroom door closed as soon as you go to bed. You may notice an improvement in the quality of your sleep almost immediately.

Not only can it help you fall asleep faster, but it can also prevent light from coming into the room and disturbing your sleep. Keeping your bedroom door closed while you sleep is an easy way to improve the quality of your sleep. So make sure it’s one of your new habits to get better sleep.

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