YEA is launching a mentorship program to help local entrepreneurs grow

The Jamaica Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) has reaffirmed its commitment to joint entrepreneurship with the launch of its mentoring program.

Through this initiative, Jamaican entrepreneurs can connect with local and international mentors who can assist them in holistic growth and business formality.

YEA President Cordell Williams said that through initiatives like this, the organization remains committed to finding new ways to support entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneurship tends to be a lonely road, but we want to change that by providing our members with the community and targeted support they need to grow,” said Williams. “This program addresses that issue by providing entrepreneurs with the inspiration, information and motivation they need to succeed by giving them access to consistent guidance and ongoing support.”

The initiative is mentored by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Blue Mahoe Capital Partners, David Mullings, Founder and CEO of Manpower and Maintenance Services Limited, Audrey Hinchcliffe and BlueDot CEO Larren Peart.

“It wasn’t difficult at all. The past two years have shown us that our economy will not survive without the productivity and growth of our MSME sector. Entrepreneurs must grow, and everyone is committed to making that happen,” said Hinchcliffe.

Hinchcliffe said she is excited to be a part of the program.

“I look forward to connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs who are serious about growth and success. There is work to be done, so I hope to positively impact their businesses and enrich their lives,” said Hinchcliffe.

Mullings shared similar sentiments.

“My journey has been positively influenced by mentors and advisors, so I believe it is important to pay it forward. My goal is to share mistakes and lessons to help others avoid them and provide additional direction for the specific decisions that come with running a business,” he he said.

Meanwhile, CEO of Bluedot Jamaica, Larren Peart, encourages entrepreneurs to take advantage of the mentoring program.

“This is an opportunity of a lifetime, so I encourage those who are interested to apply. The best entrepreneurs take the right risk at the right time – this comes with guidance from people who have been there and done that. The more difficult the problem is to solve, the more we can benefit from getting input from someone outside the situation. Even disruptors need a compass to navigate unexpected peaks and valleys,” he shared.

The program uses a systematic, data-driven approach to help entrepreneurs track and measure their achievement of key metrics related to promoting business formality and their readiness for financing and investment.

It will also allow YEA to monitor and evaluate the results of its various growth-enabling initiatives, increasing the organization’s impact over time.

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