Young entrepreneurs focus on Italian berries

After the excellent results achieved with investments in berry fruit in Basilicata, Loris Gentile, founder and general manager of Cooperativa Gentile Group, talks about the current situation and growth opportunities in the area of ​​Metaponto (Basilicata – Italy).

Francesca Quinto and Loris Gentile

“Our mission is to focus mainly on exclusive products. The low required investments and high profitability related to the production of these fruits (raspberries, blackberries and blueberries) were the reason why we decided on them because we are already specialized and known for their production. of strawberries.”

“We want to guarantee consumers not only high quality, but also a real sensory experience. We started with a young and innovative project, because 90% of our producers are between 29 and 39 years old and we employ over 100 operators. This year, we will triple our sales volume. We are currently the leading berry producers in Basilicata, and for the next campaign we plan to be one of the top 3 at the national level in terms of cultivated areas.”

Francesca Quinto, project manager and co-founder of Gentile Group, adds that: “Fruttini italiani® is a brand registered at European level under which we commercialize our Italian berries. The brand has been very successful in different sales channels and has received positive feedback. We are pleased to to say that our products will be available on the shelves of some renowned large retail chains in the fall.”

Left: Berries from Gentile Group. Right: Producer Antonio Carlucci

Antonio Carlucci, owner of the company in Scanzano Jonico, reported that “choosing berries means eliminating a number of problems that affect the profitability of some crops. We stop the production of vegetables and strawberries and continue with raspberries. There are fewer problems related to the lack of labor because they can be harvested and standing. As for the problem related to the ever-increasing cost of the investment, it is solved by reusing materials that have already been used for other crops in previous years, thus helping in ecological sustainability. After I devoted 2,500 m2 to raspberry cultivation in the last campaign , I decided to double the yields.”

Finally, Farina Nicola, another producer with 12 hectares of strawberries, explained that “this year we will plant one hectare of raspberries in collaboration with the Gentile Group. The aim is not only to diversify crops, but also to focus on highly profitable crops. We are aware that this culture is demanding, because it needs care and awareness when it comes to techniques and varieties, but we are positive. We believe in ourselves, a team made up of young people who want to make it in a unique territory.”

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