21 Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Cases & Accessories (2022): Chargers, Cables, Bike Mounts

I tested several other cases. Here are a few more that I didn’t like so much as well as those listed above. Also, cases are very personal accessories; maybe you’d like one that i don’t. That’s what this champagne is for.

Gear4 Copenhagen Case for $40: I really really like how this case looks. It has a nice textured back, is made from 52 percent renewable resources, and is partly made from recycled plastic. It’s slim and has a raised lip, but I’d like it to have a bit of a bumper over the camera module. He feels exposed. You can also get it for the S22 Ultra. I also like the Gear4 Denali case, although the grooves on the back could attract a lot of dust.

OtterBox Commuter Series Antimicrobial Case for $40: This dual-layer case has a removable soft inner cover and a hard outer shell that absorbs drops and protects your phone. The buttons are pushable, the charging port is covered and it’s made from 35 percent recycled materials. It’s like a slightly smaller version of the OtterBox Defender we recommend above. Definitely opt for one of the colorful options. It’s available for both the S22 Ultra and S22+.

UAG Civilian Series for $40: UAG sent me a bunch of their S22 cases, and most of them are… ugly (sorry). If you are going to cover up your expensive and beautiful phone, try to make the case look nice! Of the few that looked okay (including the Outback above), the Civilian feels durable and protective, with buttons that click and raised bezels around the screen. It’s available for both the S22 Ultra and S22+.

Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear Case for $34: Just want a simple clear case? This Speck will do the trick. The buttons aren’t the biggest, but the bumper is solid and feels solid. Just know that there isn’t much protection for the lenses. You can also get it for the S22 Ultra and S22+.

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