8 Prime Day TV deals (2022): LG, Vizio, TCL and more

Maybe you are you’re spending a lot of time outside this summer, but now is actually a fantastic time to buy a new TV. The latest models are just starting to hit stores, which means you can find great deals on older (and still great!) screens. And thanks to Amazon’s annual Prime Day event, there are plenty of them on sale. Below we have collected all the best offers for TVs.

Updated July 13: We crossed out the Toshiba M550 (55-inch) 4K TV and added the Vizio M-Series Quantum 55-inch.

The WIRED Gear team tests products throughout the year. We manually sorted through hundreds of thousands of offers to make these picks. Crossed out products are out of stock or no longer discounted. Our Amazon Prime Day coverage page has the latest stories, and our Prime Day Shopping Tips will help you avoid bad deals. You can also get a 1-year subscription to WIRED for $5 here.

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TV offers

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TCL 6 series

Photo: TCL

The TCL 6-Series (55 inches) is our favorite TV for most people (9/10, WIRED recommends), but it’s currently sold out. But the larger 65-inch version is still in stock. It features a quantum dot panel that offers bright colors, plus local dimming zones for deeper blacks, Micro-LED backlighting so you also get really great contrast, and a built-in Roku interface for easy navigation.

It’s a small thing, but this TCL also has quantum dot technology, which makes colors pop more than traditional LED screens. Pair that with the built-in Google TV and you’ll be able to watch any of the major high-fidelity streaming services (and ask Google Assistant anything) with ease. Don’t let the price fool you: you’re getting exceptional value.

This one is slightly smaller than the TCL above, and it’s Hisense’s entry-level option. We haven’t tested this model yet, but we like many of the Hisense TVs we’ve tried. You get support for Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range (better colors), and Amazon Fire TV is built in as the primary interface. You can always use another streaming stick if you prefer Roku or something else.

Hisense U8G

Photo: Hisense

Here’s another one that Amazon doesn’t want you to know is a deal (for some reason). This is one of the lowest prices we’ve tracked on this TV, and it’s the lowest compared to all the retailers it’s sold at. The U8G (8/10, WIRED Recommends) looks sleek and has an Android TV interface, and the stand is raised enough to fit a soundbar underneath. It has a 120Hz screen refresh rate (with AMD FreeSync support), so it’s a great budget option for gamers.

LG’s proprietary NanoCell technology gives this model deeper blacks and better brightness than many similarly priced displays, and we like that the display’s feet are a few inches away from the edges, making it better for furniture. Another plus of this model is LG’s Magic Remote, which lets you point and click apps and the keyboard as if it were an old-school Wii remote.

The M-Series Quantum 55-inch (8/10, WIRED recommends) is an excellent mid-range TV. It has an improved Smartcast interface (which makes it easy to broadcast cards from mobile phones and laptops), solid gaming performance and excellent contrast thanks to local dimming technology. It’s a great option if you’re looking for something under $1,000.

If you need a smaller TV for your kitchen, bedroom, or other compact space, this Android TV from TCL is a decent choice. It even has Google Assistant built in, so you can use it to set timers, play music and get sports scores without finding the remote.

Big and beautiful TVs


Photo: LG

Such a massive screen at this price? Not to mention the fact that it’s an OLED panel! Indeed, this is a spectacular job. The organic LED means that each pixel acts as its own backlight, which means positively epic black levels and contrast. Couple that with a 120Hz refresh rate, built-in Google Assistant and Alexa, and you’ve got yourself a real home theater. The equally excellent 65-inch version is on sale for $1,697 ($49 off).

This offer is for Prime members only (and availability appears to vary depending on your location). It’s rare to find good 55-inch TVs from reputable brands at this price, so this is a great option for anyone who wants to spend as little as possible but still wants a big screen. It comes with built-in Amazon’s Fire TV interface and full-array local dimming for solid black levels.

This is probably the best-looking TV on this list, although you’ll need a really long TV stand, as the legs stick out at the very edges (unless you’re wall-mounting it). It’s another OLED panel, so you get vivid colors and deep blacks, and there’s an Android TV interface.

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