A six-week weight loss challenge begins at Anytime Fitness of Dexter

By Andy Nixon, STN Reporter

Anytime Fitness in Dexter is hosting a six-week challenge that will focus not only on physical gains, but also on the mental aspect of fitness and health. According to local gym owner Steve Sherer, “we all have to train the mind when it comes to health and wellness,” adding, “if you don’t concentrate on the mental side of exercise, failure will be inevitable because the mind will trick you into giving up.”

The goal of the challenge is to lose 20 pounds of body weight or body fat percentage. As a cash incentive, a portion of your fee is returned for reaching the goal. Age groups will exercise together, and the “challenge” is not a competition, but a shared goal between members who want to get healthy. Food diaries and meal planning are also included during the six-week challenge. Steve admits that in today’s society, “people are inundated with diet programs and cookie-cutter meal plans” that he says just don’t work for everyone. “You have to listen to your body and see which way of eating works best and which one you stick with as a lifestyle change,” he noted.

When Steve Sherer started Anytime Fitness in Dexter, it was October 2020, right when the pandemic stopped our routine. With people looking to break free from “Covid 20”, Steve and the team are looking for individuals who would like to start their transformation. Steve mentioned, “It’s about taking control of your body, learning to use food as a tool, and gaining the mental knowledge to achieve your goals.”

A standout runner at Saline High School, Steve graduated in 2000 and continued his running career at MSU where he majored in psychology. Deciding to stay for the fifth year, he completed his master’s studies in kinesiology. After college, in order to improve his race times, he began a journey of self-training and immersed himself in the study of hormones, training intervals and exercise intensity. “I found that my own brain was interfering with the faster times, telling my body it was tired when it wasn’t.” Self-teaching eventually led to new personal bests in running and fueled his passion to help others get and stay fit through his techniques. If you want to feel slow, he could run a 5k race in just over 14:00.

After hearing the passion and science behind Steve’s “why”, I decided to give it a shot. At age 39, the past few years have seemed like a blur, with many hours spent working at a desk. Arriving at 7am, Steve assured me that I would be let into the routine. I started with 3 minutes of rowing to warm up before our health assessment. After looking at my range of motion, how I use certain muscle groups, my endurance and proper form critiques, it was decided that I was not in the shape of my glory days. Even though my mind kept telling me to “be out of shape,” Steve’s trainer let me know that it was okay and that I could make changes for the better.

As I write this story today, my legs and core are soft, but I drove out of the gym already feeling a sense of accomplishment. I also left Steve instructions on how to get through the next day, which included moving my legs by walking, biking, or completing my never-ending yard work. It’s exciting to imagine where I’ll be after six weeks of commitment and knowing I have a steady hand to help along the way.

Anytime Fitness members have 24/7 access to all gym locations worldwide. Steve encourages people to schedule a tour, try out the gym for seven days and decide if it’s right for them. Memberships average $19/two weeks, and the six-week challenge is $299. Parking is easy, right next to Busch’s Dexter. For more information follow them on Facebook or visit https://www.anytimefitness.com/gyms/5004/dexter-mi-48130/

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