Healthcare Workers Will Lose Over 333,000 Jobs in 2021, Report Finds

According to a recent study, The Great Resignation also affected the healthcare sector.

According to a survey released by the business intelligence firm Definitive Healthcare, 333,942 healthcare professionals are expected to leave their employment in 2021, many due to pandemic-related factors like burnout, long hours, high patient loads, and personal health issues. Several staff also retired.

Over 117,000 doctors, including 15,000 in internal medicine, 13,015 in family practise, and 10,874 in clinical psychology, departed their jobs. 53,295 nurse practitioners and 22,704 physician assistants also quit their positions.

One-fifth of healthcare workers have left their professions since 2020, and polls indicate that up to 47% of healthcare workers intend to do so by 2025, according to the report. Preliminary study suggests that the significant scarcity of healthcare workers in the United States will have an impact on patient care, hospital performance, and physician performance in the short- and long-term.

The results show that age also plays a part.

In contrast to 57 for nurses and nurse practitioners, 55 for surgeons, 52 for internists, and 52 for psychiatrists, chiropractic experts are typically 61 years old. According to the survey, which used the Association of American Medical College as a source, more than 40% of currently practising physicians would be 64 years or older by the following ten years. A little more than 45% of physicians are over 55.

According to the study, “the people left behind can severely suffer from a wave of retirement.”

The loss of qualified workers threatens the healthcare industry, according to Todd Bellemare, senior vice president of strategic solutions at Definitive Healthcare.

There is currently anxiety about being able to backfill as doctors retire or leave the workforce, he said. How can we make it simple for people to work in healthcare?

Because workers are leaving the industry, several hospitals were experiencing a personnel crisis. According to the research, major staffing shortages were observed in 28.19% of hospitals in South Carolina, 20.26% in Georgia, 20% in hospitals in Vermont and Delaware, and 19.44% in hospitals in Michigan.

Data from Definitive Healthcare’s ClaimsMx and PhysicianView systems, including the number of providers billing annually, were analysed for the research.

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