Increase In COVID-19 Cases In The UK May Spread To The US

Fresh COVID- A rise in 19 instances in the United Kingdom has some experts wondering if a similar rise may occur soon in the United States.

“Typically, the U.S. reflects British events about a month later. Tim Spector, MD, a professor of genetic epidemiology at Kings College London, told CNN, “I think this is what I’ve sort of been seeing.

Spector directs the Zoe Health Study, which uses an app to collect daily symptom reports from Americans and Britons. According to him, 500,000 people report symptoms daily to help with the pandemic’s tracking.

According to Spector, his research successfully identified the beginning of each wave of infections, even doing so a week or two before official warnings.

For several weeks, his project showed a declining trend, but a recent week saw a 30% surge in new cases.

Additionally, according to government data, new infections had been declining before they increased that week, though not by as much as Spector’s analysis suggested.

The week ending September 17, according to the National Health Service, new cases increased by 13%.

According to CNN, the data is consistent with what models in the US and the UK anticipated would occur. Additionally, the numbers are insufficient to call this a new wave just yet. Although they don’t know what’s causing the increase, researchers say it doesn’t appear to be caused by a new variation.

Professor of operational research at University College London Christina Pagel believes that a mix of declining immunity and altering behaviour is to blame for the rise in cases in the U.K.

According to some U.S. specialists, the cold weather may cause a resurgence of instances. Because more Americans have received vaccines, they claim that if a new wave occurs, it may be less lethal than in previous winters.

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