Limango: What We Offer, How to Order, and More!

Limango helps you discover, order and track your favorite products from the best online stores. The ultimate personal shopping assistant that combines all your favorite shops in one place. We know how hard it is to find the perfect outfit for different occasions, especially with limited time and resources.

That’s why we created Limango: a fast, safe and easy way to shop all your favorite online stores at once, so you can get back to living your life in no time! With more than 300 partner stores in our portfolio, you can explore fresh new brands or go back to old favorites with ease. From streetwear and men’s fashion to home goods and accessories – there’s something for everyone on Limango!

Read on to learn more about our service and how you can use it to get the most out of your favorite places to shop.

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What Can Limango Do for You?

If you’re anything like us, you have a list of all the things you want to buy and places you want to shop. But sometimes, you don’t have the time to visit all these different websites, let alone purchase from them. With Limango, you can do one simple search to access all your favorite websites in one place, allowing you to easily browse through and purchase from your must-have products. As an online shopping assistant, Limango helps you discover, order, and track your favorite products from the best online stores.

And because we’re integrated with social shopping platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, you can also shop your favorite products from influencers’ posts. Doing one search on Limango helps you discover, order, and track your favorite products from the best online stores. No more juggling between websites, trying to remember where you saw that jacket or where you can find that perfect pair of shoes.

How to Shop on Limango?

There are two ways to shop on Limango: From the homepage of your account, you can search for your favorite products by name, or browse the brand or category pages. At the same time, you can also shop from social media by clicking “shop” next to an item on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Once you’ve found the product(s) you like, you can add them to your shopping basket by clicking “Add to my basket”.

From here, you can continue browsing other products, or proceed to the checkout by clicking “Continue to checkout”. Don’t forget to set up your preferences and filters before you start browsing. This way, you can make sure you only see products that fit your preferences, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Why to should Trust Limango?

As one of the leading shopping assistants, we are dedicated to making your day-to-day purchases easier. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best online stores to bring you the best experience when shopping online. Rest assured that you can trust us – we’ve been around since 2015 and are operated by the same team that founded My Motto – a company known for publishing the world’s largest online collection of funny t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, and other cool accessories.

Here are a few reasons as to why you should choose Limango over other shopping assistants:

Limango Safety Gurantee

We take your safety seriously, and we make sure that every product on Limango is legitimate and has gone through a full verification process. This way, you can shop without worrying about fake or poor-quality products. We also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can rest assured that if the product you bought doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can get your money back.

Wrapping up

We hope this article helped you learn more about what we do and how you can use our service to shop your favorite products from the best online stores. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through any of our social media channels.

We’d love to hear what you think of Limango and how we can improve our service for you.

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