Novak Djokovic’s physiotherapist monitors the time on his phone in order to reach peak fitness

Novak Djokovic is known as one of the best athletes in the world who is in top physical condition, largely thanks to his physiotherapist Ulises Badi.

The Argentinian has worked with Djokovic since 2017 and since then has watched him become even stronger physically, which makes him practically indestructible on the court. Djokovic had problems with his fitness on the road, but over time he perfected a routine that allows him to play at the top of his game.

In an interview with after the last triumph at Wimbledon, Badio explained how they do everything in detail and how important it all is on the way to the perfect physical condition Djokovic is currently in. He explained:

“I follow him all the time. Even when he’s sitting, to see how he’s standing, how much water he’s drunk or whether he’s been talking to someone for a long time: every little thing is important and can affect the game.”

Badio had long wanted to work with a top tennis player and when Djokovic called, he was eager to prove himself. It worked, and one of the reasons is the serious nature with which Badio approaches his role:

“The responsibility for a tennis player like Novak is 200 percent. When you treat an athlete at such a high level, you can always be on the verge of hurting them. You must know both its anatomy and your profession in detail. It was very important for me to have a lot of experience in my field of work and in this case to be a little more open to alternative and holistic philosophy. We work with him 24 hours a day.”

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