Tourism Impact Awards: Something is always brewing at Riggs Beer Company | Entrepreneurs

With Visit Champaign County’s annual Cheers to Tourism celebration set for Wednesday, we’re going to ask each of the five winners of the Tourism Impact Awards for their favorite things about business here. Today, in Chapter 3: The Riggs Family, including Riggs Beer Company founders Matt and Darin.

Favorite part about running a business at CU: “We have great customers who place great value on our unique products and the stories behind them,” says Matt. “Having a Big Ten university in our hometown gives us a customer base that is much more excited to support independent producers that use local ingredients.”

Favorite place to play: “Our family goes to the Stephens Family YMCA,” says Darin. “I love going there to work out and play in the pool, with all the programs they have there. My three-year-old just got old enough for introductory rock climbing lessons.”

Favorite local business we don’t run: “Urbana Boulders,” says Matt. “Alex (Bragg) has done a good job of creating a really cool atmosphere from a small climbing gym, and it’s fun to get out there and challenge yourself on the climbing walls.”

Favorite local food or drink: “This one ties into the story of how I met my wife, Gail,” says Darin. “We were both in the Navy and were stationed together in Italy on active duty. It was in Naples, so we ate Neapolitan pizza. Now, when we go out for a fancy husband-and-wife dinner, we go to Pizzeria Antica for Neapolitan-style pizza.”

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