Young Entrepreneurs: The Lawn Care Business Is Growing | News

While being a young entrepreneur in Tyrone has had its challenges, Gavin Frazell, 18, owner of Tyrone Lawn Care, said it’s been an overall positive experience so far.

“I enjoy the work and serving the needs of the area,” Frazell said.

For Frazell, a native of Tyrone, it wasn’t hard to get started and learn about the lawn care business for Tyrone and the surrounding areas.

“I found that getting into lawn care was pretty easy,” Frazell said. “There was no training required outside of practice using the equipment.”

Ultimately, Frazell chose this industry for financial gain and customer relationships.

“I wanted to be able to make money and help residents with their lawn needs,” Frazell said. “I enjoy being outside and meeting customers. We have grown our customer base a lot over the last few years”

Continuing to advance his entrepreneurial pursuits is Frazell’s main goal for the future.

“I plan to grow the business every year,” Frazell said.

For other young entrepreneurs, Frazell suggests identifying an area in their neighborhood that they can serve.

“My advice would be to find a need within the community and become the solution,” Frazell said.

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