A man stole credit cards from a locker at a Secaucus LA fitness center, police say

SECAUCUS, NJ – Thefts have been reported at Secaucus LA Fitness in the past, and just this past Thursday, a man was charged with burglary and theft at the high-end gym.

As reported in this week’s Secaucus police report, Noa Lisimachio, 19, of New York, was charged with two counts of theft, burglary, use of a loan car and use of a minor to commit a crime, among other charges. It remains unknown if he was a patron of LA Fitness, or if he worked there.

The victim called the police at 8:30 p.m. on June 2 to report that items he owned were stolen from a locker. He said his credit card was stolen, among other things. He also reported to his credit card company that his card had been stolen.

Shortly thereafter, the victim’s stolen credit card was used at Walmart to purchase three Apple Watches valued at $1,340.28. Police say Lisimachio conspired with an underage teenage girl who also tried to make a purchase at Walmart using a stolen credit card.

Lisimachio was arrested by Secaucus police at police headquarters last Thursday. Lisimachio received a summons to appeal and was released from police custody.

2018 saw a spate of thefts from the men’s locker room at Secaucus LA Fitness: items stolen included valuable bags, designer sweatshirts and jackets, and other items. Often things were not even put in the lockers.

Sometimes visitors would put them away and then go to the bathroom or wash their hands, only to return moments later to find them gone.

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