Breaking old school on Fitness Friday

Andrea Jensen, frequent guest and fitness guru, came to Good Things Utah to share her best exercise tips. Jensen, who donned amazing workout gear, mentioned how beneficial it is to pair cardio with weights. Cardio training helps build endurance, provides endorphins and is great for the heart while training muscle strength and preventing injury. Doing both is beneficial and will only help you be your best self. Jensen teaches High Fitness, which she describes as “old-school aerobics, but it’s evolved.” These are fun and exciting moves with a retro twist. “You take old school aerobics, all those fun ‘pump ups,’ but you add burpees, you add squats, star jumps, tuck jumps, you just increase it.” Jensen said. This is something anyone can do.

Jensen, along with GTU host Deena Manzanares, began the segment with squats. It can be modified if necessary. Do burpees without push-ups. You rise to the board and then come back down. If burpees aren’t for you, do a double toe squat.

Squats are beneficial for everyone, but many times alignment can be confusing. Many people believe that the knees must be over the toes, but it is best to have them over the ankles to avoid injuring the knees. Tuck jumps are jumps where you tuck your knees into your chest, but you can modify the movement into a tight squat, as Manzanares demonstrated. Both movements will target the same areas. Jensen ended the segment with a star jump, which she described as a spinoff of jumping jacks. You start with a tight squat and then shoot. You can combine all the moves for great fun.

On July 21, Jensen will host a lecture at 7:30 p.m. There will be vendors, giveaways and a silent auction. To take part in the classes Jensen teaches, visit Ascend Fitness Studio in South Jordan or Awaken Studios in Murray. For more fitness tips, follow Jensen on Instagram.

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