FDA Approves Longer-Lasting Botox Alternative

In the near future, anyone seeking to avoid wrinkles will have a new choice thanks to the U.S. The first Botox rival in many years has been given the go light by the Food and Drug Administration.

Daxxify, created by Nashville, Tennessee-based Revance Therapeutics Inc., is injected into the face along worry lines. It lasts longer than Botox, and at four months following injection, 80% of users report no or minor facial wrinkles. According to the company’s statement, the course of treatment lasted six months for half of the consumers.

According to Dr. Balaji Prasad, an analyst for Barclays Investment Bank who focuses in speciality drugs, “users do not have to go once every three months.” A product with a high duration factor is very valuable in a world where time is of the essence.

The new medication now competes in the $3 billion facial injectable medicine market. It is also a neuromuscular blocking agent and a botulinum toxin, like Abbvie’s Botox.

Additionally, it expands our options in terms of medicines, according to Mark Foley, CEO of Revance, who spoke with the Times. There is also a tremendous medical opportunity if you consider migraines, cervical dystonia (a neurological ailment that affects the muscles in the neck and shoulders), and overactive bladder.

According to Foley, the business has started testing the medicine for these other medical conditions. While aiming to develop a product that didn’t require a needle, the company instead found a way to use peptide technology to keep the product steady. Animal protein or human serum are frequently employed.

In addition to wrinkles, Botox is utilised for other purposes. Since 2010, it has been an FDA-approved remedy for persistent migraines.

Some Daxxify users in the Revance study reported having side effects. According to the company, 2% of people experienced drooping eyelids and 6% had headaches.

The FDA issued a warning about the possibility of additional side effects from toxin-based treatment, such as generalised muscle weakness or respiratory problems. Participants in the Daxxify research lacked all of those signs.

According to The Times, travel limitations related to the epidemic caused Revance to postpone plans for product clearance in November 2020. The company’s functional cell bank, which houses the drug’s active ingredient, and the quality control procedure were both deemed to be in need of improvement when an inspection was eventually carried out in June 2021. The Times said that those worries had been addressed.

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You may learn more about botulinum toxin at the National Library of Medicine.


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