FDA Approves Novavax’s COVID Vaccine As The Initial Booster Shot

If they want a COVID booster shot, Americans will now have another option.

The protein-based vaccine from Novavax Inc. was given the thumbs-up by the US Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday for the first booster dosage. It had only ever received approval for a primary series of two doses.

In a press statement, Stanley Erck, president and chief executive officer of Novavax, stated that the COVID-19 vaccine, adjuvanted, the first protein-based alternative, is now available in the United States. Nearly 50% of individuals who received their primary series but haven’t yet received their first booster dose, according to CDC data. By giving these adults an additional vaccine option, COVID-19 booster immunisation rates may rise.

Adults who are unable to use or cannot locate mRNA boosters from Pfizer or Moderna may use the Novavax booster. People who like this vaccine as a booster over mRNA choices can also get it. After the initial series, the Novavax booster can be administered at least six months later.

By instructing the immune system to recognise altered portions of the coronavirus spike protein, the Novavax vaccine employs a more conventional strategy for combating the virus.

A genomic sequencing of the virus’s initial strain served as the basis for the development of the vaccine. Additionally produced in this manner are vaccines against pertussis and hepatitis B.

Officials in charge of public health are urging individuals to get their boosters. According to CDC data, just 33.5% of Americans who received the original COVID vaccine series also obtained the boosters. The vaccination from Novavax is one of four alternatives that are currently offered in the US.

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More information on COVID-19 vaccines can be found at the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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