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It is said that the body achieves what the mind believes. But if you don’t have that much faith in yourself, then trust that your trainer can lead you to the goal and medal in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Personal trainer Jason Welsh found fitness through sports training and decided to use his talents for the greater good of the ‘fit-kind’.

“My transition into personal training happened while I was studying environmental biology at the University of the West Indies. This personal training actually funded a large part of my school fees,” he said The Gleaner.

Growing up, Welsh was an active child, carrying his energy from primary school to high school, competing in several sports such as football, cricket, table tennis and athletics. Initially encouraged to train friends, he took it a step further when a coach asked him to go to his club and help out.

Before he knew it, he was spreading himself. “I currently work at UWI and run a mobile gym business called SkipperWelsh_fitness. I also do house calls and group sessions at various locations. I also do morning sessions on the beach every first Saturday of the month at Little Copa, Bull Bay, Kingston,” he said. The PT, who trained at Fitness Revolution Jamaica, says he is currently looking to get certified internationally.

Describing his training style as versatile, Welsh goes from high-intensity interval training to athletic training, with a clientele of no more than 24. “After meeting clients, I have to get to know them and know what they want. I ask them for details about their health that are crucial to their training. I also ask them to share details of their training experience before or their current level of training, if any.”

During training, he showers his clients with attention, congratulating them on a job well done. However, more often than not, the results are the real motivators. “The most impressive thing for me would be to watch the client change in a few months. She transformed before my eyes, she was more confident and very happy,” revealed the 11-year-old coach.

The biggest hurdle he has faced as a coach is creating the ideal facility or infrastructure for growth. Hence the idea of ​​launching mobile devices, which turned out to be a smart move in the midst of the pandemic. His goal is to one day open a fitness center, with a health food store, a gym and an area for the rehabilitation of athletes.

His advice for beginners is to find someone with a passion for training people and seeing them achieve their goals or find an aspect of exercise that you love and turn it into a lifestyle. “That way it’s natural to move on,” he said, adding otherwise, just hold yourself accountable for what you want out of it.

If you want motivation, results and a complete change in your life, find your passion, then join Welsh Fitness, where training is fun and suitable especially for you.


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