Lightspeed Raises Over $7 Billion to Fund Early and Growth-Stage Entrepreneurs Around the Globe

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lightspeed Venture Partners (“Lightspeed”) today announced the closing of Lightspeed Venture Partners XIV-A/B, L.P. (“Fund XIV”) with $1.98 billion, Lightspeed Venture Partners Select V, L.P. (“Select Fund V”) with $2.26 billion, and Lightspeed Opportunity Fund II, L.P. (“Opportunity Fund II”) with $2.36 billion of committed capital. Separately, Lightspeed India Partners today announced the closing of a $500M early stage fund (“LSIP Fund IV”). Also, today marks the unveiling of Lightspeed Faction, an independent team dedicated to building on Lightspeed’s nine year history of backing exceptional founders in blockchain infrastructure.

Lightspeed’s global and multi-stage strategy supports exceptional entrepreneurs across sectors, in any geography, and at any point in their entrepreneurial journey across twelve global offices and in six countries. Since Lightspeed’s founding, the firm has partnered with more than 500 Enterprise, Consumer, Health and Fintech founders and their companies. Roughly a fourth of those companies have either been acquired or gone public, with 33 IPOs over the years.

Today’s funding, approximately 60% more than Lightspeed’s last flagship fundraise, focuses on expanding the firm’s early stage vehicles and supporting its large and growing global platform.

Lightspeed Venture Partners XIV-A/B, L.P.

Lightspeed Venture Partners XIV-A/B, L.P. ($1.98B), is designed to support founders in their earliest stages of company development in the firm’s long-standing Enterprise, Consumer, Health and Fintech practices. Investing at the earliest stages of innovation, from incubation to Seed to Series B, drives the way Lightspeed fundamentally works with and supports companies at all stages.

Lightspeed has been known as a pioneer in early-stage Enterprise investing for the past 20+ years and today continues to have one of the largest teams in Enterprise, investing at the forefront of infrastructure, cloud, security, AI, SaaS and the future of work. While the firm built its early reputation on its Enterprise practice, it is building its legacy on extending that success to its burgeoning Consumer, Healthcare and Fintech practices. Lightspeed believes that exceptional consumer companies will continue to emerge from increasingly diverse geographies and diverse founders. With Europe becoming one of the most exciting startup markets in the world, the team welcomed Paul Murphy in 2021 to help lead Lightspeed’s European office in the UK as a Partner. Over 30% of Lightspeed’s consumer investments are in female-founded companies and 2021 was its most geographically diverse in its history. With over $1.2 billion in distributions, Lightspeed’s Healthcare practice has been focused on improving patient lives over the last ten years, initially recognizing the value of health data with the dawn of the genomic era by investing in diagnostic and cutting-edge platform technologies, quickly followed by an expansion into biotherapeutics. Today, almost every business is now a fintech business, which is why Lightspeed has invested over $1.5B in close to 100 global Fintech companies including $600M specifically in blockchain and emerging use cases. Stripe and Yelp veteran Justin Overdorff joined as a Partner in 2021 to help lead Lightspeed’s Fintech practice and plant the Lightspeed flag in New York City, where he is based.

“We believe in investing at the earliest stages of innovation, partnering with generational entrepreneurs who have clarity of vision, an insatiable desire to build something enduring, and the conviction and courage to compete and win against all odds,” said Arif Janmohamed, Partner, Lightspeed. “We love to partner with and even incubate companies around core dislocations in the enterprise landscape and to build relationships with prospective entrepreneurs years before they are ready to start building.”

“We pride ourselves on being the first institutional capital behind our founders and having the patience, persistence and capital to help build companies from one employee to thousands, from day one to IPO,” said Nicole Quinn, Partner, Lightspeed. “We have our finger on the cultural pulse and go where the entrepreneur is – we meet the founders and innovators where they are making their mark.”

Lightspeed Venture Partners Select V, L.P.

As companies begin to inflect and scale, they need a partner who can grow with them and support their scaling ambitions to be a category defining company. Lightspeed Venture Partners Select V, L.P. ($2.26B), accelerates existing Lightspeed portfolio companies and new investments across our global platform led by the Lightspeed Growth Team. Select V cements Lightspeed’s ability to back exceptional founders and outperforming companies and increases Lightspeed’s exposure to companies as they scale and enter the growth phase. In the past six years, Lightspeed has invested $2.2 Billion in early growth companies. And in the past two years alone, Lightspeed celebrated the IPOs and acquisitions of Affirm, Blend, Clever, Grab, Hillevax, The Honest Company, Outbrain, Pensando, TeneoBio, and TeneoTwo, and generated more than $2.7 billion in liquidity for their limited partners.

“Lightspeed’s mission remains the same today as it was at our founding 20+ years ago–to invest in founders and innovators building enduring companies across the world,” said Will Kohler, Partner, Lightspeed. “We believe in investing in companies at scale, and like the companies we invest in, we have to continue to innovate and evolve as a firm in order to be the best partners we can be, and better serve our founders and the companies they’ve created as they grow. These special companies are staying private longer and regardless of where in the world the journey begins, the founders’ ambitions are increasingly global in nature to meet growing demand.”

“We believe innovation is a continuum and requires a full stack platform to support exceptional founders at any stage, in any sector and in any geography throughout their journey…especially in markets like these,” said Michael Romano, Chief Business Officer, Lightspeed. “We’ve witnessed venture capital radically transform society and economies, and be itself transformed by world events – the crash of 2000, the global financial crisis of 2009, and today’s volatile market. It’s why we intentionally architected a reinvestment team three years ago to prepare for a market correction.”

Lightspeed Opportunity Fund II, L.P., & Global Team of Investment Professionals and Advisors

Lightspeed has long held that innovation and entrepreneurship transcend continents. 2021 brought a continued proliferation of global entrepreneurial talent. From Europe to Latin America, Southeast Asia and countless countries in between, Lightspeed sourced and completed more global deals in 2021 than at any other time in the firm’s twenty-year history across their funds. Lightspeed’s global footprint and unified approach across global teams has been critical to supporting the most exceptional Founders.

The Lightspeed Opportunity Fund II, L.P. ($2.36B), is a platform to back breakout companies from across all of the global territories where Lightspeed operates. It is more evident than ever that entrepreneurship is global, and for over a decade, Lightspeed has worked with some of the most experienced partners in China, India, Israel, Europe and Southeast Asia.

The closing of Lightspeed India IV at its $500M hard-cap reflects the firm’s deepening commitment to the India and South East Asia region, since our first India investment in 2007. Alongside India IV, which is a dedicated early-stage fund vehicle, Lightspeed invests in growth-stage companies in the India and South East Asia region from its Select and Opportunity fund vehicles. Over the past 5 years, the firm’s presence has expanded to 28 professionals across four locations (Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai and Singapore), representing one of the largest venture advisory teams in the region.

Lightspeed has been a partner to a number of category leaders in India including Indian Energy Exchange, Oyo, Byju’s, Grab, Acko, Razorpay, Udaan, Sharechat and Innovaccer and we continue to witness the broadening and deepening of the opportunity in the region, led by world-class founders and an ever-expanding scope for technology to reshape the economy in India and Southeast Asia.

Since closing US $920 million of new funds in November 2021, Lightspeed China Partners has been actively investing in sectors including green tech, deep tech, SaaS and consumer tech. Lightspeed China Partners has made new investments in nearly 20 start-ups, from ePropulsion, the world’s second-largest maker of electric boat propulsion systems, to Agilines, a leading cloud native manufacturing design and collaboration platform. Lightspeed China Partners also celebrated two IPOs on the NYSE and Shanghai’s STAR Market in 2021–Full Truck Alliance (NYSE:YMM) and QingCloud Technology (SH:688316) respectively–and two portfolio companies have filed to go public this year.

As the future of venture continues to be an increasingly global one, Lightspeed is positioned to invest in, and serve, exceptional founders at any stage and in any geography by actively leveraging our global footprint of investors and network of relationships. Consistent with this strategy, we’re excited to welcome Bejul Somaia to Lightspeed’s leadership team, where he will contribute to the firm’s strategy and global operations in addition to his existing roles advising on investments in India, Southeast Asia and Europe. Bejul joined Lightspeed in 2008 and brings deep experience backing entrepreneurs and helping to build Lightspeed in India and Southeast Asia, where he’ll continue advising on investments and supporting the regions’ best and brightest Founders.

“In the early 2000s, Lightspeed started building a global footprint given our conviction that the future of technology and entrepreneurship would be global. Today, Lightspeed has 70 investors located across twelve cities globally,” said Bejul Somaia, Partner, Lightspeed. “By intentionally constructing cross-border deal teams, we’re able to offer founders local market knowledge and relationships, together with deep sector domain knowledge. In doing so, we’re all exposed to, and are learning from, the innovation that is happening across the world in order to better serve our founders.”

Lightspeed Faction (“Faction”)

We are proud to announce the culmination of nine years of investing behind some of the largest blockchain companies with the debut of Faction, a new, independent crypto native team to drive transformation in the blockchain ecosystem. Faction ( is an experienced group of blockchain veterans that collaborates with the Lightspeed global platform to meet exceptional founders wherever they reside. The senior Faction team is run by Sam Harrison and Banafsheh Fathieh and anchored by a growing team of crypto native investors.

Faction believes the innovation economy is at the precipice of a significant computing paradigm shift with blockchain companies leading emerging use cases that will redefine both underlying IT infrastructure and the industries they serve. From Fintech, to Consumer, Enterprise and even Healthcare, the team is seeing the manner in which blockchain companies may fundamentally change how businesses are organized, how distributed computing systems are arranged, and how entire economies and platforms operate. Blockchain is changing how network participants are incentivized, how startups within this ecosystem are funded and how communities can coalesce their shared power to create change.

“Blockchains have enabled new use cases that we believe will supplant notable legacy systems. Faction’s joint-venture with Lightspeed pairs a crypto-native team with the company-scaling experience of the Lightspeed platform.” – Sam Harrison, Managing Partner, and Banafsheh Fathieh, General Partner, Lightspeed Faction.

“Lightspeed has been selectively investing in crypto since March 2013, and we believe that cryptocurrency can have a positive impact on a population of people who are underbanked or unbanked not only in the U.S. but globally,” said Ravi Mhatre, Partner, Lightspeed. “We believe the industry is still early in the transition from web2 to web3, and the collaboration between Lightspeed and Faction is a testament to our shared belief in the ways that cryptocurrency may help to develop a web that better serves underserved people around the world.”

Taken together, this capital framework will position Lightspeed and its partners to continue to serve founding teams, technologies and trends that are accelerating the innovation economy. Lightspeed remains more committed than ever to the mission of serving the world’s most extraordinary people building tomorrow’s companies, today.

About Lightspeed

Lightspeed Venture Partners is a multi-stage venture capital firm focused on accelerating disruptive innovations and trends in the Enterprise, Consumer, Health, and Fintech sectors. Over the past two decades, the Lightspeed team has backed hundreds of entrepreneurs and helped build more than 500 companies globally including Affirm, Carta, Cato Networks, Epic Games, Faire, Forty Seven, FTX, Guardant Health, Mulesoft, Netskope, Nutanix, Rubrik, Sharechat, Snap, TripActions, Udaan, Ultima Genomics and more. Lightspeed and its global team currently manage $18B across the Lightspeed platform, with investment professionals and advisors in the U.S., China, Europe, India, Israel, and Southeast Asia.

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