Part of good health and fitness is stretching

Fitness trainer Kara McConaghy walks us through some of her favorite must-try exercises

CHARLOTTE, NC — It’s time to get fit and stretch with the help of a wall or a chair.
Fitness coach Kara McConaghy of Yoga4elite athletes is here to guide us through 4 exercises.
Part of good health and fitness is stretching. Stretching allows you to maintain good flexibility and blood flow through the muscles of the body.

Here are some exercises to get you started.

Exercise 1: Check position stretching

Find a wall and place your heels, bottom, shoulder blades and back on it. Brace your core tight and try to reach your head toward the ceiling. Maintaining good posture is a *must do in everything we do from sitting, standing and running. This stretch will help you align your body properly. Hold this stretch for 30-45 seconds.

Exercise 2: shoulder opener stretch
Grab a chair and place your hands on the chair and roll forward as you stretch, your head should be in line with your hands on the chair. This is a good stretch for the shoulder and neck area. Hold this stretch for 60 seconds

Exercise 3: Pigeon pose
This lower body stretch is ideal for beginner runners, joggers, hikers and beginning athletes. This exercise will increase circulation, put your legs on the chair in a folding position. Push the knee to get more flexibility. Repeat the other side. Hold for 60 seconds.

Exercise 4: hamstring stretch
From pigeon pose, lift your legs straight up onto a chair or wall. This is a good stretch that ensures your glutes and hamstrings are working properly. . This stretch works on flexibility and strength in the area you need it most, your legs.

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