This Shark Tank success is made for cool entrepreneurs

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Every entrepreneur has his own entrepreneurial personality. Maybe you’re a jack of all trades, like Mark Zuckerberg. Maybe you’re a slippery influencer, like Frank Abagnale. Maybe you’re more of a charming super bro like Billy McFarland. Ideally, you’re better than all these entrepreneurs who inspire movies.


If you are an entrepreneur with something more chill from the average entrepreneur, you probably want to be comfortable when doing your job. So, may we suggest a new work uniform? Meet the DudeRobe Luxury Men’s Hooded Bathrobe.

Successfully funded on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and on Kickstarter, the DudeRobe is a new twist on the boring old bathrobe that will help entrepreneurs relax into their inner selves. Unlike regular bathrobes, you’ll want to live in this thing—and not just because the model looks like Nick Jonas.

It’s almost impossible to recreate the Dude in real life, but you’ll get as close as you can with the DudeRobe. Made for post-shower, lounging around the house, walking the dog and negotiating rough deals, this everyday robe is simply designed for any moment you want to be comfortable.

The DudeRobe is a hooded robe that is a premium sweatshirt on the outside and extra absorbent on the inside. The belt is permanently attached so you’ll never lose it, and the non-flexible arm cuffs allow you to actually use your arms while wearing the cape. It falls above the knee so it almost looks like you’re wearing shorts, while an extra pocket inside lets you function in the world without feeling like you’ve gone out without your everyday essentials.

You’re a cool entrepreneur, aren’t you? Lean into that vibe. During our Deal Days promotion, you can get the DudeRobe Luxury Men’s Hooded Bathrobe for $99.99 (regularly $148). Hurry, the sale ends on July 14th.

Prices are subject to change.

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