Target Evolution is opening a new store serving young entrepreneurs ages 12-19 in Houston

HOUSTON, July 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Communication and social skills are some of the biggest problems among young people United States and around the world. The non-profit organization Target Evolution helps today’s youth become professionals in various fields. The organization is proud to present its newest Trail Blaze Shop at First Colony Mall in Sugar Land, Texas. The retail facility was established exclusively with the aim of selling products of young entrepreneurs aged 12 to 19. This store gives 90% of sales revenue to young creators.

Keeping in mind the current scenario of youth disconnection and disconnection at the national level, people are looking for ways to engage the youth and help them live out their teenage years. That’s where Target Evolution comes in with effective and proven solutions, helping young people bridge the gaps in communication and social skills through entrepreneurship. The organization has done extensive research on this issue to understand that the traditional education system is not enough for young people to secure employment in the current competitive job market. That’s why they created programs that teach different soft skills to young children helping them become entrepreneurs and earn money.

One of their programs is Trail Blaze Shops, which educates young entrepreneurs on how to run a business in a real-world environment. This program gives them hands-on experience to become independent and self-sufficient young adults, giving them room to earn and grow. They now have two Trail Blaze Shops in two malls Texas. Both shops sell different types of products created by young people between the ages of 12 and 19. With Trail Blaze shops, young people can learn first-hand about entrepreneurship and the various financial aspects they need to know to become successful in the future. They are building a generation of successful and experienced young professionals and entrepreneurs from scratch. Currently, the organization has stores in Stonebriar Mall in Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex in Friscoand in First Colony Mall in Houston area in Sugar Land. The organization is working with a national mall owner and national department stores to expand to several more cities.

Young children and teenagers can earn quite a bit of money not only from selling their products, but also from working in Trail Blaze stores. One young man who participated in the program, a teenage author and entrepreneur April Peltonearned more than 1000 dollars in just two hours during her first in-store book signing. Sharing her experience she said: ‘Target Evolution has given me several business and marketing opportunities. I have to have my products at Galleria Dallas and now I’m at Stonebriar Frisco. They help kids like me every day, and I’m proud to be part of the Target Evolution family.’

Recently, Target Evolution secured a partnership with Market by Macy’s to host a monthly two-day ‘Trail Blaze Youth Pop-Up’ for young entrepreneurs between the ages of 12 and 19 at their smaller Market by Macy’s concept stores in Flower Moundin the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Target Evolution is a non-profit organization that aims to build a generation of entrepreneurs and skilled professionals who can secure their dream job without any hassle. Its mission is to offer a solution to employment issues across the country and help young people develop communication and social skills that make a lasting difference in their personal lives and society. They currently have more than 700 teenagers Dallas and Houston enrolled in their various programs over the past few years. Learn more at

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