The biggest problem of society and how dance and fitness can solve it

Although technological progress has greatly contributed to society, it has also caused enormous harm. It’s never been easier to have everything you want delivered to your doorstep or take your mind off social media. The whole world is now paying the price for these benefits as we see obesity on the rise and an overall decline in resilience. People give up on their goals faster than ever before and therefore live lives riddled with illness, stress, anxiety and depression. We believe the dance and fitness industry has the power to change this story, with the right strategies.

OTTAWA, ON, July 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Brazily™ Fitness, which offers fitness programs based on a uniquely Brazilian approach to lifestyle, health and fitness, today announced the launch of its signature dance fitness program, Brazily™ Dance in United States and Canada. This program uses authentic Brazilian music and dance to infuse confidence, joy, love and fun into the lives of its participants. Now we’re looking to license instructors who embody our mission so we can make a bigger impact on the world, one class at a time.

Fitness has always been the best way to build resilience and patience. However, in recent years, with the rise in popularity of social media, the fitness industry has struggled to stay true to these core principles in order to compete in an oversaturated market.

The industry has changed its messaging and marketing in a way that promises quick and easy results which is extremely harmful.

With this messaging, people become less and less able to deal with the frustrations in life because they are led to believe that life should be easy and that little effort is needed to achieve the desired results.

Most dance fitness classes have also lost their dance essence as instructors feel the need to simplify their classes because people don’t have the patience to learn and progress.

As leaders, we must teach people the importance of doing the hard things! We grow and develop through challenges. Through challenges we build confidence to achieve great things. Facing life’s ups and downs with grace is essential to living a happier, more fulfilling life.

We are looking for instructors who understand that their impact goes beyond their fitness classes. We are looking for leaders who will inspire people to live more confidently in life by following our unique Brazily™ Dance formula and principles.

Life is not about making things as easy as possible. It’s about meeting challenges and becoming a stronger, healthier and happier version of yourself.

This is exactly the kind of impact Brazily™ Dance will have on the world.

For further information, please contact Mariana SantosBrazily™ Fitness Founder at +1-873-288-5488 or [email protected] /

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