The expert who helped Aditya Narayan lose ‘six kg in six weeks’ shares the singer’s diet and fitness routine

Aditya Narayan often shares his views fitness sessions on Instagram. Now, the 34-year-old playback singer, who recently welcomed fatherhood, has said he looks and feels “terrific” after losing the weight.

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“Thank you for providing me with the best diet and nutrition over the past few months to keep me looking and feeling great for my upcoming music videos and life in general. Lost 6 kg in 6 weeks!” he wrote in a note to his doctor, Dr. Vishakha Shivdasani, on Instagram.

In response, Dr. Vishakha commented, “You look super fit in your new videos.”


Aditya Narayan Aditya Narayan thanked his nutritionist dr. Vishakhi (Source: Dr Vishakha/Instagram Stories)

I’m talking to, Dr Vishakha revealed that Aditya contacted her because he wanted her to look slimmer in his new album. “He wanted to lose at least 5 kg; but I told him that the weight loss was incidental and that we would concentrate on fat loss instead – something that would make him look toned. In reality, it’s also a healthy way to lose weight,” she said.

Furthermore, Dr. Vishakha, who specializes in eliminating obesity, type 2 diabetesPCOS and other lifestyle ailments, shared details about his diet and fitness routine.

Because he was filming at odd hours, he always needed his energy to be “very high”, said Dr Vishakha. “So his meals are designed to be his sugar level were always under control. The time to consume carbohydrates, protein and their types – everything was fixed, depending on his schedule,” said Dr Vishakha.

The expert also revealed that while Aditya started his weight loss plan with four meals, including a protein supplement in between, he has reduced it to three meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner. “When his shots became less intense, we were relegated protein supplement” said Dr Vishakha, adding that she does not “believe in eating every two hours or in between”. “I think the concept is wrong, and there is enough medical evidence to suggest that,” she added.

The doctor further emphasized the need for rehydration, and said that “enough water means enough electrolytes.” “People who work long hours do not need supplements or steroids. Their nutrient needs must be met with natural food supplements. That was also the case with him,” she shared, noting that she also had to “bypass his food allergies“.

She went on to say that Aditya likes to “eat local food”, and as such, “my advice to him was to eat whatever he craves, but with a little change. For example, if he wants pasta, he can eat zucchini pasta, or if he wants rice, he can eat cauliflower rice.”

Clarifying, she added: “His diet is simple – he can eat anything in the morning because he usually burns everything, but the second half of the day he has to be lighter. Instead of the amount of calories to burn, or the amount of food to eat in one day, I stress food combinations. If he can manage that, then he doesn’t need a diet in his life. Carbohydrates with one type of protein and vegetables work every time,” she said.

Finding that Aditya is going to the gym Exercising 5-6 days a week and an hour and a half every day, Dr Vishakha said he understands the importance of proper training. “He doesn’t train too much because it has other implications,” she said, adding that she plans to “lose another 3-4 kilograms.” “He can see fat percentage it goes down. But the stress is always on organic fat loss. He is extremely motivated,” she said.

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