The governor asks entrepreneurs to come forward for development

Governor Ramesh Bais on Saturday motivated industrialists and entrepreneurs to come forward for the development of the state. He noted that so far “we have not been able to fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of an independent India.” To achieve this, we must work selflessly”.

He was speaking at a one-day workshop on Academic Social Responsibility organized by NIT Jamshedpur under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan. On the occasion, the Governor appealed to the entrepreneurs to come forward in the “Navnirman” of Jharkhand. Industrialists understand their responsibility.

He said that today the villages are decaying and the cities are being inhabited. Industries are opened only after the destruction of the village. “Arable land is depleted by the establishment of industry. The environment is being damaged. Despite this, entrepreneurs do not fulfill their responsibility. We need to think of more entrepreneurs about this. Where industries have settled, the villages around them must develop and revive. We must work selflessly. Development of the country is not possible until the village is developed,” said Bais.

Addressing the program at the NIT, Bais hailed the history of Jharkhand. “The history of Jharkhand is centuries old. If we talk about the first piece of land, then it is the land of Jharkhand. This came from scriptures and research. The first whiff of independence was also blown from the soil of Jharkhand. Our country is full of mineral wealth. We should be proud of such a country. We should be proud to be residents of Jharkhand. We all together must make Jharkhand one of the leading states on the path of development from the last rung. It is not only a matter of government. Everyone will have to work together for this,” he said.

During his two-day visit to Jamshedpur, Bais also visited the Tata Motors factory. In the presence of plant chief Vishal Badshah, the governor inspected various facilities and production processes at the plant.


Governor Ramesh Bais visited Tata Motors during his two-day visit to Jamshedpur on Saturday Sanjib Kumar Dutta.

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