Walmart is Looking for Volunteers for Clinical Drug Trials.

Walmart has announced it will hire workers for drugmakers’ clinical studies as part of its expansion of its healthcare aspirations.

The super-retailer might benefit from new drug company revenue streams as a result.

According to John Wigneswaran, MD, Walmart’s chief medical officer, the company’s stores would serve as a “funnel” for healthcare organisations seeking to enrol various groups in trials and research.

According to him, “We want to make sure that all of our clients have access to high-quality, reasonably priced, and practical healthcare resources, including cutting-edge research.” “We are aware that many of our clients have not previously had access to healthcare research, despite their curiosity. By increasing patient trust and engagement in their care, we are already having an influence on both our customers’ experiences and medical research.

Patient recruitment for clinical trials is a hurdle for pharmaceutical companies. Also frequently excluded are individuals of colour, older persons, and those who live in rural areas. Trials typically rely on volunteers who have the time, resources, and awareness to participate and who reside close to research facilities.

According to the FDA, in 2020, 75% of participants were white, leaving just 25% for Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians combined.

90% of Americans, according to Walmart, live within 10 miles of a store.

The business claims that it is collaborating on study initiatives with leading medical institutions, pharmaceutical firms, and clinical research groups.

According to Reuters, Walgreens stated in June that it would begin offering clinical trial services to broaden the variety of its test subjects. Last year, CVS Health started providing clinical trials.

Walmart and UnitedHealth Group announced intentions to offer telehealth services to people of all ages and preventative healthcare to senior citizens last month.

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